John and Editha Kapoor Hall

Kapoor Hall.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences' building was completed in 2012.

The university released a statement on May 2, 2019, regarding John Kapoor’s conviction in federal court.

The 160,000-square foot facility includes many green-design features, such as maximizing natural daylight (75% of all space in the building receives natural light), creation of social spaces and the reuse of the Acheson Hall building footprint. The building offers a state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical Care and Teaching Center and has improved linkages between all of UB's health science schools.

Classrooms with the latest technology

Two large lecture halls, as well as the Pine Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center Classroom and Patient Assessment/Counseling Rooms, provide students with assessment opportunities on mock patients. These multimedia spaces have the ability to video capture student-to-patient interactions, allowing students to review and improve upon their skills. The Model Pharmacy is a multi-use space for community- and hospital-based pharmaceutical exercises.