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Review the following links to find services and resources to help you succeed. The student portal includes class and exam schedules, academic calendars, school policies and more.

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UB SPPS Student Portal

The Student Portal includes class/block schedules, exams and registration, policies, student services and resources and more.

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UB SPPS Student Services and Resources

  • Academic Resources
    The school and university offer several resources and services to help our students succeed academically. If you feel like you are starting to fall behind, you should seek advisement immediately.
  • Career Development
    The Office of Student Success and Engagement offers many career development opportunities and services to help you prepare for life after graduation.
  • Computing and IT Support
    Information on school-based and university-based technical support.
  • Information for Accepted PharmD Students
    Congratulations to all incoming students! Welcome to the University at Buffalo and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (UB SPPS)! 
  • Information for Accepted Graduate Students
    Information for accepted BS/MS, MS and PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences students, MS Pharmacokinetics and Personalized Pharmacotherapy students, and MS Clinical and Translational Therapeutics students
  • News, Communications and Branding
    The Office of Communications supports external communication efforts on behalf of the school. These include print and digital media communications, social media, web page support and development, merchandising, news/media outreach and other marketing needs.
  • Research Resources
    Research Resources provides students with information on general research and scholarly interests of our faculty. Students can review these resources and reach out to faculty in an area of interest for further information.
  • Scholarships
    The UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences attracts academically talented students from across the world and supports their learning experience with scholarships by offering over $350,000 in competitive scholarships annually, thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends, and various organizations and corporations.
  • UB SPPS Student Emergency Fund
    The UB SPPS Student Emergency Fund was created to help students through emergencies that might otherwise disrupt a student’s progress towards earning their UB SPPS degree. This emergency fund is currently maintained through donations from students, faculty/staff, and alumni. 

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Student Support Resources

UB and UB SPPS offices provide essential resources to support your health and well-being throughout your academic career.

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