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Current Funded Research

Updated November 1, 2023
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Current Funded Research
Award Principal Investigator Award Name Award Type Sponsor Name Award Start Date Award End Date Total Cost
Balthasar, Dr. Joseph Center for Protein Therapeutics Nonfederal Multiple Sponsors 01-Sep-17 31-Aug-24 11,024,501.70
Balthasar, Dr. Joseph Pharmacokinetic strategies to increase monoclonal antibody uptake, distribution, and efficacy for treatment of solid tumors Federal National Cancer Institute 01-Jun-20 31-May-25 1,799,963.00
Balthasar, Dr. Joseph Enhancement of ADC selectivity by inverse targeting: Mechanistic studies and optimization Federal National Cancer Institute 01-Jun-21 31-May-26 1,809,602.00
Balthasar, Dr. Joseph
Pharmacokinetic / Pharmacodynamic Optimization of ADC Therapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Federal National Cancer Institute 01-Jan-23 31-Jan-28 2,137,191.00
Balthasar, Dr. Joseph
Improving antibody distribution with transient antigen binding inhibition
Nonfederal Empire Discover Institute 08-Dec-22 07-Dec-23 180,000.00
Balu-Iyer, Dr. Sathy V.
Lipid mediated oral tolerance
Federal National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease 16-Jun-22 31-May-27 2,327,530.00
Balu-Iyer, Dr. Sathy V.
Development of tolerogenic Factor VIII as immunotherapy to prevent inhibitor development in Hemophilia A
Federal National Heart Lung and Blood Institute 27-Mar-23 28-Feb-25 1,132,306.00
Balu-Iyer, Dr. Sathy V.
Oral administration of Tolerance-Inducing Lyso-Phosphatidyl Serine (TIPS) nanoparticles formulated with insulin to treat T1D in NOD mice
Nonfederal Empire Discovery Institute
12-Jun-23 11-Jun-24 98,793.00
Bednarczyk, Dr. Edward M.
C19: Chronic Disease Medication Utilization and the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection
Nonfederal American College of Clinical Pharmacy 01-Jan-21 31-Dec-24 600.00
Bednarczyk, Dr. Edward M. NYS Prescription Monitoring CE Program Federal Flow Through Island Peer Review Organization 01-Sep-21 31-Dec-23 188,394.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R. Physiologically-based model of the female reproductive tract: vaginal and intrauterine delivery components- Support New Approaches to Improve Product Manufacturing and Quality Federal US Food and Drug Administration 26-Sep-18 25-Jan-24 940,749.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R. Pharmacokinetics of sedatives - Understanding a modifiable risk factor for pediatric delirium Federal Flow Through Childrens Research Institute 01-Sep-19 31-Jul-24 121,811.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R.
Long Acting Film Technology for Contraception and HIV Prevention (LATCH)
Federal Flow Through
Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation
01-Feb-21 31-Jan-24 219,856.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R.
Evaluation of safety and pharmacokinetics of naltrexone implant
Federal Flow Through
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene
01-Mar-21 29-Feb-24 217,842.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R. The Indiana University-Ohio State University Maternal and Pediatric Precision in Therapeutics Data, Model, Knowledge, and Research Coordination Center (IU-OSU MPRINT DMKRCC) Federal Flow Through Trustees of Indiana University 10-Sep-2021 31-Jul-26 1,895,627.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R. Microbicide R&D to Advance HIV Prevention Technologies through Responsive Innovation and eXcellence, MATRIX Federal Flow Through Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation 01-Dec-2021 31-Dec-26 1,201,995.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R
Reproductive Tract PBPK & Exposure Modeling
Nonfederal Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation
07-Nov-22 30-Sep-24 189,280.00
Bies, Dr. Robert R
Application of PBPK model of the Female Reproductive Tract (FRT)
Nonfederal Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 03-Oct-23 31-Aug-24 66,319.00
Clark, Dr. Collin M. A Pilot Pharmacist-to-Pharmacist Hand-off Intervention During Transitions of Care
Nonfederal American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
01-Mar-23 28-Feb-24 7,500.00
Daly, Dr. Christopher Effectiveness of a Social Determinants of Health Pharmacy Program Implemented in Community Pharmacies
Federal Flow Through Island Peer Review Organization 01-Aug-22 07-Nov-24 68,254.00
Daly, Dr. Christopher
Scaling Payer and Community Pharmacy Partnerships for Patient Care
Nonfederal Community Pharmacy Foundation 01-Feb-23 31-May-24 42,500.00
Fusco, Dr. Nicholas Preparing Health Professions Students to Address Medical Misinformation and Vaccine Hesitancy Through Competency-Based Interprofessional Instructional Design Strategies
Nonfederal American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 01-July-23 30-Jun-24 4,000.00
Gallo, Dr. James Targeting trained immunity in transplantation - Core B
Federal Flow Through Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
01-Jun-23 31-Mar-28 219,345.00
Jacobs, Dr. David Matthew Integrative Informatics Approach to Predict Readmissions and Improve Outcomes in COPD Federal National Heart Lung and Blood Institute 01-Apr-21 31-Mar-26 962,055.00
Jacobs, Dr. David Matthew
Development of an Economic Model and Return on Investment Tool to Support Sustainable Community Pharmacy Social Determinant of Health Programs
Nonfederal Community Pharmacy Foundation
01-Jun-23 31-May-24 43,010.00
Jusko, Dr. William J. Mechanistic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Federal National Institute of General Medical Sciences 01-May-19 30-Apr-24 2,891,677.00
Jusko, Dr. William J. Training Program in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Nonfederal GlaxoSmithKline 03-Feb-21 30-Aug-25 512,400.00
Lao, Dr. Yeh-Hsing Sima
Nanoformulated CRISPR Ribonucleoproteins for Ultrasound-Facilitated Brain Gene Editing
Federal National Inst of Neurological Disorders & Stroke
01-Jul-23 30-Jun-25 442,000.00
Ma, Dr. Qing
Doravirine Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Pharmacokinetics in HIV-Infected Individuals
Nonfederal Merck Sharp and Dohme Limited Liability Corporation 04-Jun-19 30-Jun-24 167,705.69
Ma, Dr. Qing Aging, Polypharmacy and Neurotoxicity in Adults Living with HIV Federal National Institute on Aging 01-May-20 28-Feb-25 4,006,139.00
Ma, Dr. Qing Bictegravir in the Elderly Living with HIV: Impact of Polypharmacy and Multimorbidity Nonfederal Gilead Sciences Incorporated 01-Oct-19 30-Sep-24 155,175.00
Mager, Dr. Donald E. Optimizing GVHD Prevention with Systems Pharmacology Models Federal Flow Through Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope 01-Jun-19 31-May-24 646,324.00
Mager, Dr. Donald E.
Novel combination therapy for colorectal and esophagogastric cancers
Nonfederal Health Research Inc. 01-Jun-22 30-Jun-24 12,075.00
Morse, Dr. Gene
ACTG Precautionary and Prohibited Medications Database
Federal Flow Through
Regents of the University of California Los Angeles
01-Dec-20 30-Nov-23 570,000.00
Morse, Dr. Gene University of Rochester HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Unit - AWD00003932
Federal Flow Through University of Rochester 01-Dec-2020 30-Nov-27 126,559.00
Morse, Dr. Gene
HIV Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics Research Training Program
Federal Fogarty International Center 01-Mar-22 31-Jan-27 1,507,744.94
Morse, Dr. Gene
Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance (CPQA)
Federal National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease
30-May-22 29-May-29 14,339,193.00
Morse, Dr. Gene
LC-MS/MS Assay Development and Validation for CBD and CBD hydroxy metabolite
Nonfederal Ananda Scientific 26-Apr-22 25-Feb-24 62,441.00
Morse, Dr. Gene
Nonfederal Abbott Laboratories
23-Nov-22 31-Aug-24 174,900.00
Morse, Dr. Gene
Global Infectious Diseases Research Training Program
Federal Fogarty International Center 01-Mar-23 31-Dec-27 1,833,196.00
Prescott, Dr. Gina Hypertension Cascade of Care in Marginalized Populations
Nonfederal NYS Chapter of American College of Clinical Pharmacy
01-Jun-23 30-Nov-23 3,000.00
Qu, Dr. Jun Highly sensitive multiplexed targeted mass spectrometric assays of proteins/peptides of significance in obesity research Federal Flow Through Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 19-Feb-20 31-Jul-24 618,520.00
Qu, Dr. Jun Extracellular Vesicle treatment and age-related neuropathology in non-human primates Federal Flow Through Trustees of Boston University 15-Sep-20 30-Apr-25 189,717.00
Qu, Dr. Jun
Role of Type 2 Immune Response in Pancreatic Cancer Tumorgenisis
Federal Flow Through Health Research Inc. 15-Jul-21 31-Dec-23 24,659.00
Qu, Dr. Jun
Neuroinflammation-related phosphoprotein signaling pathways as potential therapeutic targets for GWI using an established animal model
Federal Flow Through Virginia Commonwealth University
01-Feb-23 31-Jan-24 39,103.00
Qu, Dr. Jun
Mitochondrial Defects in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium and the CFH Risk Allele for Age-related Macular Degeneration
Federal Flow Through Doheny Eye Institute
30-Sep-22 30-Jun-26 257,000.00
Qu, Dr. Jun
Deciphering the Mechanisms Associated with High-risk AMD genotypes for ARMS2/HTRA1 and Complement Factor H
Federal Flow Through Doheny Eye Institute
30-Sep-22 31-Aug-25 191,400.00
Qu, Dr. Jun
Mechanisms underlying extracellular vesicle mediated changes in inflammation, neural circuitry and plasticity following cortical injury in aged monkeys
Federal Flow Through Trustees of Boston University 15-Jul-22 30-Jun-27 350,859.00
Ramanathan, Dr. Murali The Metabolomics-Neurofilaments-Neurodegeneration Nexus in Multiple Sclerosis Progression Federal US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity 1-Jul-20 30-Jun-24 957,000.00
Shah, Dr. Dhavalkumar
Development of organ-specific quantitative systems toxicology models for antibody-drug conjugates
Nonfederal AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
1-Apr-22 09-Oct-25 465,771.00
Sprowl, Dr. Jason Arthur Regulation of hepatic uptake transporters by tyrosine kinases Federal National Institute of General Medical Sciences 15-Sep-2021 31-Aug-26 2,321,588.00
Sprowl, Dr. Jason Arthur
Role of MCT6 in mediating cisplatin-induced ototoxicity
Federal National Inst on Deafness & Other Comm Disorders
01-Apr-23 31-Mar-25 432,182.00
Tornatore, Dr. Kathleen M. Age and Race Influences on Immunosuppression after Renal Transplant Federal National Institute on Aging 15-Aug-18 30-Jun-24 3,507,814.00
Tsuji, Dr. Brian T. Novel Strategies for Antibiotic Combinations to Combat Gram-negative Superbugs Federal National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease 20-Dec-19 30-Nov-24 3,920,362.00
Tsuji, Dr. Brian T.
Novel Combination Therapies to Combat Hypermutable Carbapenem-Resistant P. aeruginosa
Federal National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease 24-May-22 30-Apr-27 3,850,992.00
Woo, Dr. Sukyung Targeting ovarian cancer spheroid formation and metabolic adaptation by APJ inhibition Federal National Cancer Institute 01-Dec-2021 30-Nov-26 2,010,125.00
Woo, Dr. Sukyung
Discovery of the next-generation RET-targeted drugs based on nicotinamide scaffold
Federal Flow Through Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma 01-Jul-22 30-Jun-27 431,303.00
You, Dr. Young Jae
Singlet Oxygen-cleavable Prodrugs for Treating Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancers
Federal National Cancer Institute 13-Jul-22 30-Jun-27 2,098,942.00
You, Dr. Young Jae
Site Specific Drug Delivery with Light-responsive Conjugates for Photo-biomodulation
Federal National Institute of General Medical Sciences 01-Aug-23 31-Jul-27 1,372,031.00