The Drug Discovery, Development and Evaluation Hub

A new way of approaching transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

SPPS researcher in lab.

The DDDE Hub will lead and promote high impact transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research within the school, across campus and throughout the academe through collaborative partnerships, innovative inquiry and robust scholarship.

DDDE Core Areas

  • Drug Discovery and Design
  • Drug Delivery and Biopharmaceutical Engineering
  • Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
  • Translational and Experimental Therapeutics

DDDE Goals

  • Enhance and expand UB's competitiveness for federal funding in relevant areas
  • Develop new research and training partnerships in the pharma and biotechnology sectors
  • Provide a scaffolding for intellectual property development
  • Establish a robust platform for interdisciplinary training grants and increase the number of doctoral degrees granted
  • Gain a reputational advantage for the university and each of the participating schools

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