Mission, Vision and Values

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, established in 1886, is a research-intensive school within the University at Buffalo, is ranked #1 in New York State, and is the premier school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

Our Mission

To improve health through innovation and leadership in pharmacy education, clinical practice and research.

Our Vision

  • To maintain our ranking as one of the top 25 schools of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in the United States 
  • To provide quality education to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences students at all academic levels, using best practices and evidence-based educational approaches, which enables our graduates to advance their professions
  • To be a leader in education, research, practice and service
  • To  be a respected institution that advances basic, clinical and translational research
  • To meet and improve society's health, wellness and health care 
  • To advance pharmacy practice, including interprofessional team-based models
  • To provide an academic environment that promotes effective mentoring, professional growth and development, and life long learning

Our Values

  • Excellence and integrity in teaching, research, practice and service
  • Embodiment of the highest ethical standards in our education, research, practice and service activities with the expectation our graduates will do the same as the next generation of leaders in their professions
  • Establishment of a learning environment that embraces diversity, inclusiveness, equity and respect for all persons
  • Organizational values that promote and reward critical thinking and continuous quality improvement

Our Strategic Plan

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Strategic Plan explores opportunities in education, clinical practice, research and scholarship, and service and outreach.