Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan, which is a collaborative effort of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners, charts the growth of our educational, clinical, research, and outreach programs.


GOAL: Provide high quality, innovative education in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
  • Strengthen inter-professional education collaborations and student experiences with other health professional schools
  • Incorporate state of the art pedagogies to enhance the student learning experience
  • Promote and deploy best practices in assessment
  • Develop online and blended courses for enrolled pharmacy students and specialized online CE and certificate programs for current practitioners
GOAL: Expand and enhance experiential education
  • Develop new partnerships with experiential education sites capable of offering APPE and IPPE
  • Recruit clinical preceptors to meet current and future experiential education needs
  • Build inter-institutional collaborations that enhance scholarship and clinical practice opportunities for faculty
GOAL: Attract the best and brightest students to all of the school’s programs
  • Ensure SPPS admissions remain competitive, flexible, accessible and diverse
  • Ensure UB/SPPS Early Assurance Program remains a compelling recruitment mechanism
GOAL: Support and promote faculty excellence in the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Develop and maintain a school web page highlighting SoTL
  • Convene an interest group to identify needs and means for pursuing SoTL excellence
  • Promote high quality SoTL research endeavors
  • Promote dissemination of SoTL endeavors through
    • Peer reviewed presentations at regional/national conferences
    • Peer reviewed publications in top tier journals
  • Nominate faculty for external awards in SoTL


GOAL: Develop and implement innovative clinical practice models with healthcare partners
  • Create a committee with the directive of overseeing clinical practice initiatives (‘Clinical Practice Committee’)
  • Construct a shared vision between the school and key affiliate sites that fosters innovative clinical practice models
  • Establish and expand faculty-driven medication therapy management programs
  • Establish and expand pharmacist-provided immunization programs
  • Establish clinical practice models that focus on transitions of care in partnership with affiliate sites
GOAL: Increase the pharmacist’s scope of practice
  • Develop a pharmacy services corporation, enabling UB SPPS faculty to provide clinical services and translate best practices to the community
  • Partner with statewide organizations to promote and sustain legislation that increases the scope of pharmacy practice


GOAL: Grow excellence in priority areas and therapeutic foci
  • Priority Area 1: Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacometrics/systems pharmacology
  • Priority Area 2: Pharmacogenetics/genomics/drug metabolism/drug transport
  • Priority Area 3: Drug Delivery
  • Priority Area 4: Health outcomes research
  • Priority Area 5: Protein therapeutics
  • Priority Area 6: Clinical and translational pharmacology
GOAL: Elevate SPPS standing as a leader in research productivity both internally and externally
  • Increase grant submissions
  • Develop systematic, top-down approach to pursue large grants
  • Increase success rate of grant applications
  • Increase grant support from pharmaceutical industry
  • Develop SPPS information stream to educate PIs on award options
GOAL: Increase SPPS standing in the development of PharmD students as research scholars
  • Develop Research Scholar Program
  • Increase enrollment in PharmD/MS program
  • Increase emphasis on publications from PharmD students
  • Pair PharmD students with PhD students and faculty to write review papers
GOAL: Increase SPPS productivity in translational research
  • Establish internal translational research program
  • Develop systematic strategy to pursue translational research
  • Identify clinician partners for collaboration in small scale clinical investigations


GOAL: Establish continued and sustainable health-related outreach activities that promote education and scholarship in our community, nationally and globally
  • Create a dedicated school-wide outreach team
  • Increase student involvement and awareness of healthcare issues in underserved populations
  • Establish a sustainable program in one globally underserved area
  • Establish a sustainable program in one underserved, community-based site
  • Create a sustainable and viable funding source to support service initiatives
GOAL: Provide the opportunity for participation and promote leadership in government, scientific and professional organizations
  • Provide the opportunity for leadership training internally and externally
  • Enhance involvement of faculty and students in professional and research organizations
  • Establish a funding model for ongoing support for faculty and students to attend and present at professional and research conferences

Updated March 2019