Strategic Plan

Our strategic planning process will position us for continued growth and success guided by these key priority goals:

GOAL 1: Provide high-value educational programs with an unsurpassed student experience
  • Sustain PharmD enrollment and grow MS and PhD enrollment. 
  • Lead national PharmD graduation rates and NAPLEX first time pass rates. 
GOAL 2: Increase research capacity, productivity and recognition
  • Provide consistent year-over-year growth in extramural funding and peer-reviewed publications.
  • Support increasing PhD program.
  • Support faculty to enhance competitiveness for external awards.
GOAL 3: Maximize community, regional and national impact on equity in access to and outcomes of pharmaceutical care
  • Increase diversity of our student population year-over-year. 
  • Demonstrate impact of pharmacy practice in New York State.
GOAL 4: Enhance the reputation of the school through intentional outreach
  • Improve rankings.
  • Increase number of national faculty awards. 
  • Increase success in philanthropy.
  • Improve opportunities to recruit high-quality students in all degree programs.
GOAL 5: Develop and maintain a sustainable financial plan to ensure programmatic growth and enrichment
  • Develop and maintain a robust revenue generation process to support and align with our strategic plan. 

Implemented July 2022