Named Spaces

The following spaces have been officially designated by the University at Buffalo Board of Trustees. Please click on the links below to find out more about our generous donors.

Milo Gibaldi Computational Room

Milo Gibaldi joined  UB in 1966. During the 12 years he taught in Buffalo, he distinguished himself as a pioneer researcher and educator in the areas of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.

Robert H. Gumtow Student Library

The Gumtow Library provides a quiet study area as well as four breakout rooms where student meetings may be held.

Ronald J. Isaacs Lecture Hall

"Pharmacy was the gateway to the rest of my life that allowed me to raise four children and gave me enough funding to take care of myself. Pharmacy opened many opportunities."

Cecil and Violet Newton Computer Lab

"I continue to give to causes we both cared about, because there is no such thing as having done your share."

Panasci Atrium

“I feel so positive about the future of the pharmacy school and UB overall. For students, especially those in upstate New York, I think it offers a wonderful opportunity to get the best education.”

Pine Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center

“I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren’t for my acceptance to and completion of the pharmacy program. UB [is] one of the most respected programs nationally."

Patient Assessment/Counseling Room Sponsors

Bruce and Barbara Moden

"I want anyone, regardless of discipline, to feel free to access the resources available at UB, to feel part of the school. Everyone is striving to meet the needs of the entire pharmacy community."

The Giroux Family

“The diversity of things we were exposed to [as students] laid the foundation to be able to understand and learn and adapt to evolving technologies in health and pharmaceutical care.”

Robert and Sharon Miller

“I get great satisfaction from being involved with the university. I talk to my colleagues across the country and [being a UB graduate] gives me some bragging rights. It is an honor to be part of that community.”

The Behling Family

A longtime supporter of UB, Dr. Ralph Behling gave generously to support our school and the Behling Human Simulation Center, which enables health sciences students to work in inter-professional teams.

Jean K. and Anies Jacob

“The school, its faculty, my friends and classmates are unforgettable and I am committed to continued success for them and future generations. Everything stemmed from my education at UB.”

Thomas F. Smith and Rachel Spire Smith

“We feel the education we received at UB really prepared us to create careers that ultimately are unconventional compared to what most pharmacists do.”

Hempling-McGlynn Family

“I’ve been a UB supporter because I am a strong believer in the pharmacy school and the education it provides.”

Ken Yee

"When I was looking through a career opportunity booklet I realized that the pharmacy profession would allow me to own my own business. UB gave me an education that made me what I am today."