Department Division Head Hires: New Faculty Recruitment Overview

Abstract brain science.

To support our mission of growth and leadership we are recruiting Division Heads in both the departments of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

2023 State of the University: Year in Review at UB

UB is on its way to a spot among the top 25 public research universities in the country!

Advancing Top 25: UB Faculty Hiring

The expansive hiring occurring at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is just one important component of the University at Buffalo’s strategic goal to be recognized among the Top 25 public research universities in the nation. Read more about Advancing Top 25: UB Faculty Hiring, how the 2022-23 academic year brings UB closer to Top 25 Ambition and how the 2023-24 academic year started with the largest cohort of new faculty in UB's history.

Learn about the ways these campus-wide faculty hiring initiatives will allow the school and the university to achieve our collective strategic goals. Join us and be part of the UB community.

New York State’s Strategic UB Investment

Read more about New York State’s significant investment to strengthen the university’s research enterprise along with capital and digital and infrastructure improvements.