Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Symposium


The Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Symposium (QSP), launched in 2017, brings together QSP scientists to discuss contemporary approaches, including the challenges and opportunities for advancing the science and practice of QSP. 

Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) is an emerging approach to integrate information across multiple organizational scales; it represents “an approach to translational medicine that combines computational and experimental methods to elucidate, validate, and apply new pharmacological concepts to the development and use of small molecule- and biologic drugs” [1]. Accordingly, systems pharmacology models focus on the dynamic interplay among the constituents of larger-scale systems that together manifest as emergent properties. A systems approach to pharmacological therapy will “create the knowledge needed to change complex cellular networks in a specified way with mono or combination therapy, alter the pathophysiology of disease so as to maximize therapeutic benefit and minimize toxicity, and implement a ‘precision medicine’ approach to improving the health of individual patients” [1].

1. Sorger, P.K., et al. Quantitative and systems pharmacology in the postgenomic era: New approaches to discovering and understanding therapeutic drugs and mechanisms. An NIH White Paper from the QSP Workshop Group.  (http://www.nigms.nih.gov/Training/Documents/SystemsPharmaWPSorger2011.pdf, 2011).