PharmD/MBA Curriculum

Students complete the first professional year in the PharmD curriculum. The second year involves only courses in the MBA program.* 

*For the Class of 2026 Only

The Class of 2026 may enter only after second year.

Coursework in both programs are taken in years three and four, followed by a fifth experiential year in both programs. Each candidate must meet all degree requirements of each school, except for the reduction in total credit hours.

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year

Fall and Spring

  • Six experiential rotations
    • Each rotation is for six weeks; six hours each

Rotation/Internship Requirements
PharmD/MBA students must fulfill six APPE experiential rotations for the PharmD program and 48 credits in the MBA program, including a 3-hour MBA internship. To fulfill the curricular requirements of both schools the student must complete the following:

  • Take one of the PharmD APPE electives (6 hours) to fulfill the MBA internship requirement (3 hours). To fulfill both requirements the student must pick a rotation that serves both purposes (e.g., HMO, Hospital administration etc). The student must inform the appropriate staff in the pharmacy department and their MBA Advisor in the School of Management. It should be noted that the student must complete a 3-hour MBA elective course to fulfill the 48 credit hour requirement under this option.


  • Take a 3 hour MBA internship. Student is required to pay the appropriate MBA tuition if this is a summer internship. Students still must fulfill 6 APPE rotations for PharmD completion.

PharmD/MBA students are waived from the following required PharmD courses:

  • SPPS Electives