Our Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)/Masters of Public Health (MPH) program gives you the opportunity to engage in important public health policy development and health care research to improve patient outcomes.

The multidisciplinary program integrates the skills and knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice with public health, health promotion, disease investigation, chronic disease prevention, and medication safety.

PharmD/MPH Career Opportunities

  • Local, county, state or federal government agencies
  • Community health and immunology
  • Emergency response
  • Genetics research
  • Insurance and managed care organizations
  • Family and juvenile health
  • Faculty members for schools of public health, health professions and pharmacy

PharmD/MPH Curriculum

Students complete the first and second professional year in the PharmD curriculum.* In the third year, students complete both required and elective MPH courses. In the fourth year, students take courses in both programs. The joint program reduces the usual pattern of a four-year PharmD program and a two-year MPH program by one year. Each candidate must meet all the degree requirements of each school, except for the reduction in total credit hours.

*For the Class of 2026 Only

The Class of 2026 may enter only after second year.


Questions about the PharmD portion of the program?
Contact David Jacobs, PharmD, at

Questions about the MPH portion of the program?
Contact Kim Krytus, Assistant Dean, Director Of Graduate Public Health Programs, at