PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)/Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MS) program provides students with a better understanding of how the chemical and physical properties of drugs and their dosage forms affect drug performance in a variety of disease systems. 

The program is led by internationally renowned faculty in the fields of drug development and delivery whose research and cutting edge knowledge has resulted in many novel drug delivery approaches and treatments. 

PharmD/MS Career Opportunities

  • Pharmaceutical companies in areas of drug development and clinical application
  • Academia
  • Research institutes
  • Federal and other regulatory agencies

PharmD/MS Curriculum

Students must fulfill the course credit requirements of the respective programs. Students can apply to the PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences during the fall of the first, second, third, or fourth years.*

*For the Class of 2026 Only

The Class of 2026 may enter only after second year.


Contact Dr. Robert Bies, Director of Graduate Studies, at