Online MS in Pharmacometrics and Personalized Pharmacotherapy

Medical informatics.

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This new and unique online graduate program focuses on the methodology and application of mathematical models for disease and pharmacological measurement while utilizing extensive training in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and systems pharmacology.

Curriculum and Requirements

You must satisfactorily complete at least 30 graduate credit hours for the MS degree. All required courses must be completed with a B- or higher (or must be repeated).

Courses are asynchronous remote, in which learning materials are provided online, and students can view these materials and complete tasks at their own pace. However, there are also required due dates.

See Degree & Course Catalog for Course Descriptions

Required Courses

Year One

First Semester - Fall Credit Hours
PHC 607C Intermed Pharmacokinetics 3
PHC 630VT Drug Metabolism and Transport
Total 6
Second Semester - Spring Credit Hours
PHC 506VT Biometry in Pharmaceutical Sciences
PHC 504VT Computational Basis of Pharmacometrics 2
PHC 512VT Pharmacometric Software 1
Total 6
Third Semester - Summer
Credit Hours
PHC 518VT Nutrigenomics in Cancer
PHC 588VT Faculty Research Seminar   1
PHC 615VT Research 3
Total 6

Year Two

Fourth Semester - Fall Credit Hours

PHC 508VT Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications


PHC 500VT Basic Drug Development


PHC 600VT Ethics 2
PHC 613VT Pharmaceutics Seminar 1
Total 6
Fifth Semester - Spring Credit Hours
PHC 610VT Population Pk-Pd Modeling 2
PHC 614VT Pharmaceutics Seminar 1
PHC 616VT Research
Total 6


Satisfactory completion of a research project, including approval of the Project Committee after submission of a written project report, presentation of an open seminar and oral defense

Total minimum credit hours:


Course offerings vary each year. Refer to the Class Schedules.


Our dynamic research program for online master’s students gives you the opportunity to take charge of your learning and to choose the most appropriate path forward for your own educational and career goals. 

Through our PHC 615 course, you will learn and gain mastery of the process of grant writing from developing a compelling research proposal to completing a simulation and preliminary evaluation of data.

In our PHC 616 course, you will engage in a thesis-driven capstone completing your MS in selecting one method below of your choosing:

  • undertaking a comprehensive exam
  • writing a grant for a program of your choice
  • completing a research project directed by your current employer or UB Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty

Both PHC 615 and 616 empower you to have choice in completing of your master’s degree and graduate with the confidence that you are prepared for the next steps in your educational or career journey.