Undergraduate Program

Pharmaceutical Sciences lab.

The BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences is a four-year program that focuses on the design, development and rational use of medication for the prevention and treatment of disease.

This program prepares students for entrance into graduate and professional programs, and for careers in research in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Students have the opportunity to apply for a combined BS/MS program with an emphasis on research in the pharmaceutical sciences, providing additional training to prepare students for entrance into PhD programs in the biomedical sciences and careers in academia or the pharmaceutical industry. 

  • Learn more about our accelerated BS/MS degree
    The BS/MS is a five-year accelerated program for academically qualified students who enroll at UB as first-year/freshman students, or who are already enrolled in our BS degree program. Graduates of this program are highly sought after by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Outcomes and Careers
    Pharmaceutical scientists are instrumental in discovering and developing innovative drugs and treatment regimens that save thousands of lives and improve countless others, with a wide variety of career opportunities available.