Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our highly sought-after PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences gives you the opportunity to work with internationally-renowned faculty specializing in the fields of systems pharmacology and drug delivery.

Awakening Intellectual Curiosity.
Awakening Intellectual Curiosity

The seminal principles and concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics discovered here are the building blocks for many of today's drug therapies. 


Challenging Scientific Boundaries.
Challenging Scientific Boundaries

Our dynamic research spans drug interaction, from discovery to development to clinical application. We are leading developments in personalized pharmacotherapy to meet the world's health care needs and improve patient outcomes.

Creating Innovative Learning Environments.
Creating Innovative Learning Environments

Our faculty are American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, highly cited researchers and, most important, committed educators who are eager to share their scientific and clinical expertise with you—giving you an unparalleled academic foundation and career advantage.

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Program Requirements

  • You must satisfactorily complete at least 72 graduate credit hours for the PhD degree. 
  • Overall GPA 3.0 required. 
  • All required courses must be completed with a B- or higher (or must be repeated).
  • It is recommended that you do not take electives during your first semester, as you will have a full course load.

Required Courses

Fall Start - Even Year Fall Start - Odd Year

Fall Start - Even Year

First Semester Required Courses: Fall (Even Years)

First Semester Required Courses - Fall (for those starting even years)
Credit Hours
Students will be registered for these first semester fall courses and will have a graduate course advisement meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies.  
PHC 500 Drug Development   2
PHC 506 Biometry in PHC* 3
PHC 538 Introduction to Biologics 2
PHC 539 Protein Pharmaceuticals   1
PHC 588 Faculty Research Seminar (waived if PHC 488 within 3 years)** 1
PHC 607A Intermediate Pharmacokinetics   3
PHC 613 Pharmaceutics Seminar 1

Second Semester Required Courses: Spring

Second Semester Required Courses - Spring 
Credit Hours
PHC 614 Pharmaceutics Seminar 1
PHC 616 Research Varies

Third Semester Required Courses: Fall (Odd Years)

Third Semester Required Courses - Fall (for those starting even years) Credit Hours
PHC 508 Drug Delivery 3
PHC 608 Advanced Pharmacokinetics 3
PHC 615 Research Varies

Remaining Required Courses

Remaining Required Courses   Credit Hours
Offered Spring Only:  
PHC 510 Pharmaceutical Analysis
PHC 516 Pharmacogenomics 1
Offered Both Fall and Spring:
PHC 511 Research Proposal 3
PHC 599 Supervised Teaching  
Typically, students enroll in 2 credits in the fall semester + 2 credits in the spring. The credit number of PHC 599 for each session could be adjusted based on TA duties by the Director of Graduate Studies.
4 total
Three departmental research presentations including the Dissertation defense. The other two presentations may be scheduled in PHC 613 or PHC 614 NA
Satisfactory completion of a research dissertation, including approval of the Dissertation Committee after submission of a written Dissertation Report, presentation of an open seminar and, oral defense NA
PHC 615 or PHC 616 Thesis Research. One or more credits after satisfactory completion of PHC 511 Research Proposal >= 4

Elective Courses

Elective Options - Fall or Spring

Elective Courses - Fall or Spring Credit Hours
PHC 502 Selected Topics*** 1-3
PHC 512 Pharmacometric Software 1
"Out of department" graduate elective courses >=4

Elective Options - Spring

Elective Courses - Spring Credit Hours
PHC 521 Pharmaceutical Principles 3
PHC 531 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics I 4
PHC 608 Advanced Pharmacokinetics 3
PHC 609 Advanced Pharmacodynamics (odd years)
PHC 610 Population PK-PD Modeling 2

Course offerings vary each year. Refer to the Class Schedules.

*PHC 506 Biometry for Pharmaceutical Sciences is the preferred statistics course. This requirement may be substituted with another graduate biostatistics course from the biostatistics or other department. Written approval from the Director of Graduate Studies is required for substitution. Substitution with STA 527 is not recommended and will be allowed only in special cases with prior approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

**Students who have previously taken PHC 488 or PHC 588 within 3 years of enrollment in the MS or PhD programs are exempt from PHC 588. They are, however, strongly encouraged to attend the lectures provided by new faculty on a non-­credit basis.

***PHC 502 Selected Topics can be used to register Research Group meetings and Journal Clubs. Students may register for 1 credit per semester. A separate registration code is available for each faculty member. Consult faculty on availability.