Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our highly sought-after PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences gives you the opportunity to work with internationally-renowned faculty specializing in the fields of systems pharmacology and drug delivery.

Awakening Intellectual Curiosity.
Awakening Intellectual Curiosity

The seminal principles and concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics discovered here are the building blocks for many of today's drug therapies. 


Challenging Scientific Boundaries.
Challenging Scientific Boundaries

Our dynamic research spans drug interaction, from discovery to development to clinical application. We are leading developments in personalized pharmacotherapy to meet the world's health care needs and improve patient outcomes.

Creating Innovative Learning Environments.
Creating Innovative Learning Environments

Our faculty are American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, highly cited researchers and, most important, committed educators who are eager to share their scientific and clinical expertise with you—giving you an unparalleled academic foundation and career advantage.

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Curriculum and Requirements

  • You must satisfactorily complete at least 72 graduate credit hours for the PhD degree.
  • Required courses with a grade lower than a B- will not count toward the minimum credits.
  • A full-time academic load for PhD students with an assistantship appointment is 9 credits per term.
First Semester Credit Hours
Students will be registered for these first semester fall courses and will have a graduate course advisement meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies.  
PHC 613 Pharmaceutics Seminar 1
PHC 615 Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Varies
PHC 588 Faculty Research Seminar (waived if PHC 488 within 3 years) 1


All Required Courses

PHC 588 Faculty Research Seminar
PHC 500 Principles of Drug Development 3
PHC 506 Biometry in the Pharmaceutical Sciences 3
PHC 508 Drug Delivery
PHC 509 Pharmacogenomics in the Pharmaceutical Sciences 2
PHC 510 Pharmaceutical Analysis 3
PHC 539 Protein Pharmaceuticals 2
PHC 607 Intermediate Pharmacokinetics
PHC 630 Drug Metabolism and Transport
Other Requirements Credit Hours
Out of department graduate elective courses >= 4
Other graduate elective courses >= 4
PHC 511 Research Proposal 3
PHC 599 Supervised Teachning (2 credits x 2 semesters) 4
PHC 613 or PHC 614 Departmental Seminar >= 2
Three departmental research presentations including the Dissertation defense. The other two presentations may be scheduled in PHC 613 or PHC 614 n/a
PHC 615 or PHC 616 Thesis Research. One or more credits after satisfactory completion of PHC 511 Research Proposal >= 4
Satisfactory completion of a research dissertation, including approval of the Dissertation Committee after submission of a written Dissertation Report, presentation of an open seminar and, oral defense n/a