MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our MS program is for students who have previously earned a BS degree and wish to acquire high-impact positions in research, industry, education and health care settings.

The MS program is research-focused, immersing our students in diverse aspects of drug action, from drug discovery to various elements of drug evaluation.

Program Requirements

You must satisfactorily complete at least 30 graduate credit hours for the MS degree. Required courses with a grade lower than a B- will not count toward the minimum credits.

Requirements Credit Hours
PHC 588 Faculty Research Seminar 1
Minimum departmental didactic credit hours excluding research, laboratory courses, seminars and tutorials
Minimum credit hours from other departmental courses, laboratory courses and department electives
Minimum research, seminar and tutorial courses
Minimum total credit hours 30
Satisfactory  completion of a research  project, including approval of the Project Committee after submission of a written project report, presentation of an open seminar and oral defense  

Full-time registration is satisfied by ≥ 12 credit hours per semester if you are not supported by an assistantship, or ≥ 9 credit hours/semester if you are supported by an assistantship. Registration for less than these credit hours is permitted after the student has completed his/her departmental preliminary examination. 

Course offerings vary each year. Refer to the Class Schedules.

You should check with the Graduate School to ensure that your registration complies with university requirements. You should also be aware that different student loan programs, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and health insurance carriers can impose different rules for full-time student registration.