Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)

The APPE sequence takes place during your fourth (P4) year. You will provide advanced clinical pharmacy services in various health care environments to build on your previous academic experience.

Program Overview Requirements Goals and Objectives Rotation Types

Rotation Types

Community pharmacy (core)
A community rotation provides the student with direct drug distribution and counseling activities. There may also be clinical activities going on concurrently, however the main objective of this type of rotation is to dispense medications in a safe and timely manner following all legal and regulatory requirements of the site/state. Practice management will also be emphasized.

Ambulatory patient care (core)
An outpatient clinical rotation that provides the student with direct patient care activities. The student is also expected to actively participate as part of an interprofessional team. Depending on the actual site there may also be dispensing activities going on concurrently, however the main objective of this type of rotation is to provide medication therapy management and education for patients’ chronic diseases.

Inpatient general medicine patient care (core)
A general medicine rotation provides the student with direct patient care experience in the inpatient setting utilizing a rounding service. The student will manage a diverse patient population with a variety of common conditions seen in adult care patients. The student will also actively contribute as a member of an interprofessional healthcare team.

Hospital/health-system pharmacy (core)
The purpose of this rotation is for the student to understand how the right medication gets to the right patient at the right time. This usually includes exposure to the drug distribution system, IV admixture preparation, controlled substance management, inventory control, among others. The focus is on system-management and continuous quality improvement.

Electives (3)
Elective APPEs are meant to allow students to explore areas of potential practice interest. This may include practice, research, or other areas of interest for pharmacy students. An elective may include a repeat of the core rotations listed above.

Core rotations must expose students a patient population that exhibits diversity in ethnic and/or socioeconomic culture, medical conditions, gender and age.