Information for Preceptors

Preceptors provide practical insights and experience that contribute to student professional development.

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Become a Preceptor

Interested in becoming a preceptor? Submit our two-part Preceptor Information Request Form using Institution Code: UBSPPS

Precepting Overview

Experiential rotations provide students the opportunity to develop into model practitioners and colleagues. It is also a way for preceptors to evaluate potential future employees.

Preceptors will need to submit a preceptor availability form annually, which offers flexibility to customize the following academic year’s schedule based on his/her calendar. 

Preceptors also have the opportunity to dictate how many students they are able to precept during each module. For each student precepted, preceptors would be required to fill out an electronic interim report and a final evaluation, as well as review and grade any assignments given during the rotation. 

Our office provides you with a detailed preceptor manual which contains rubrics for evaluating any assignments and submitting the interim and final reports.

The University at Buffalo cannot offer any financial remuneration to any site or preceptor for taking our students on rotation.