Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE)

The IPPE sequence takes place during your second (P2) and third (P3) years. It provides the opportunity to observe and practice a variety of professional activities in multiple settings, including inpatient and community pharmacy.

Program Overview Requirements Goals and Objectives

Program Overview

The IPPE program is divided over the second (P2) and third (P3) years of the PharmD curriculum.

IPPEs expose students to common contemporary U.S. practice models, including interprofessional practice involving shared patient care decision-making, professional ethics and expected behaviors, and direct patient care activities. IPPEs are structured and sequenced to intentionally develop in students a clear understanding of what constitutes exemplary pharmacy practice in the U.S. prior to beginning APPE.

Our students are trained on the community pharmacy dispensing process through real life applications on PioneerRx software and through various other sites and platforms.