Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)

The APPE sequence takes place during your fourth (P4) year. You will provide advanced clinical pharmacy services in various health care environments to build on your previous academic experience.

Program Overview Requirements Goals and Objectives Rotation Types

Program Overview

While on rotations, our fourth-year (P4) students are not in a traditional classroom setting, therefore our preceptors serve as their primary educators. This allows preceptors to provide direct student feedback and tailor specific rotation activities and projects for the benefit of the students and the site.

During APPEs, students provide advanced clinical pharmacy services under the supervision of their pharmacy preceptor. Goals of these experiences are development of independent judgment and the integration of fundamental knowledge with clinical applications.  

APPEs are site-specific—each rotation is set up as its own course with either school provided, or preceptor established, goals, objectives and assignments. This allows the preceptor and student the opportunity to engage in an enriching and meaningful rotational experience.