Precepting Information

Being a preceptor is a two-way exchange of knowledge where you are exposed to the current pharmacy curriculum and your practical insights and experience contribute to student professional development.

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Our students are well suited to assist your practice while they learn benefiting both you and the student.  Experiential rotations provide students the opportunity to develop into model practitioners and colleagues as well as way for preceptors to evaluate potential future employees.

Our school welcomes the opportunity for new and unique student learning experiences. Many of these experiences can be classified as “electives” and can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Administrative pharmacy management
  • Pharmacoinformatics
  • Specialized compounding
  • Nuclear pharmacy
  • Research and drug development
  • Consultant pharmacy
  • Teaching and learning   

Preceptors can also create and design their own individualized student experiences! 

We recognize precepting is voluntary and we know you will find substantial professional gratification from your work as a UB SPPS preceptor. 

Preceptor Logistics

Preceptors will need to submit a preceptor availability form annually, offering preceptors the flexibility to customize the following academic year’s schedule based on his/her calendar. 

Preceptors also have the opportunity to dictate how many students they are able to precept during each module. 

For each student precepted, preceptors would be required to fill out an electronic interim report and a final evaluation, as well as review and grade any assignments given during the rotation. 

Our office will provide you with a detailed preceptor manual which contains rubrics for evaluating any assignments and submitting the interim and final reports.

Preceptor Benefits

  • Preceptor CE Credits
    Based on the number of hours precepted, participants will receive “preceptor credits” each fall and spring semester, which can be applied toward payment for UB Continuing Education Programs of your choice. Preceptor development is a crucial part of our program. Preceptors will have the opportunity to participate in seminars designed to strengthen their clinical teaching skills, and where applicable, also receive CE credit. Additionally, these programs allow preceptors to communicate with the EE office allowing our curriculum to evolve and meet current and future needs.
  • Adjunct Instructor Appointment
    After being approved as a preceptor by the Office of Experiential Education, preceptors will have the opportunity to apply for an appointment as an Adjunct Instructor. Appointment as Adjunct Instructor provides: 
    • Library privileges
    • HUBNET access
    • Parking hangtag
    • UB ID Card

Applications for Adjunct Instructor appointments will be emailed directly to approved preceptors. Please note: in order to maintain an Adjunct Instructor appointment, preceptors must offer availability to precept UB pharmacy students on an annual basis or also teach in the didactic pharmacy curriculum. Individuals not engaged in either of these functions will have their appointment inactivated.