Pharmacometric Software Series

This program provides the instructions necessary to understand selected software operations, examples of data sets and models used for analysis, and exercises and problems designed to demonstrate how to implement and execute the modeling tasks.

Pharmacometric Software Digital Badge.

This is a micro-credential program. Earn the Pharmacometric Software digital badge upon successful completion of this program. Learn more about micro-credentials.

Program Structure

This program consists of a series of 1-2 day workshops that have a format of a lecture followed by a hands-on session where you will learn to run the computer programs under the supervision of the instructor. Each workshop agenda will aim at presenting the basics of the program such as installation, user interface, syntax, data management, acquiring help, reporting results, as well as showing how the program can be used to accomplish typical tasks of PK/PD data analysis such as simulation, parameter estimation, noncompartmental analysis, study design, bioequivalence, and more. 


Who is eligible?
UB students

Credit or non-credit?

Instruction method

Time to completion
One semester

Skills you will obtain

  • Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving
  • Digital Technology

Required Courses

PHC 512 Pharmacometric Software Workshop

How to Apply for a Digital Badge

To apply for a digital badge, please register for a workshop and check the relevant box on the registration form. A description of requirements is available next to the workshop title.


Program Contact:
Wojciech Krzyzanski, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
370 Pharmacy Building
Buffalo NY, 14214