Pharmacogenomics and Transport

Pharmacogenomics and Transport Digital Badge.

Our Pharmacogenomics and Transport micro-credential is a three-course series encompassing several aspects of pharmacogenomics from transport to current events incorporating cancer and nutrition. Each course consists of lectures and hands-on practice with clinical guidelines to lead you through developing personalized therapies. Finally, to obtain the digital badge, you will be asked to complete a cumulative pharmacogenomic question related to current issues related to pharmacogenomics.

This is a micro-credential program. Earn the Pharmacogenomics and Transport digital badge upon successful completion of this program. Learn more about micro-credentials.

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Eligibility Requirements

Who is eligible?

Intended for both UB students and non-degree students


Bachelor's degree in science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)


Human genetics or clinical class/background

Required Courses

Courses are asynchronous remote, in which learning materials are provided online, and students can view these materials and complete tasks at their own pace. However, there are also required due dates.

  • PHC 630: Drug Metabolism and Transport (fall, 3 credits): A study of the metabolism and transport of drugs and drug metabolites. Topics include in-depth discussions of Phase I and II biotransformation pathways, Solute Carrier and ATP-binding cassette membrane transport proteins, intestinal, hepatic, renal and brain metabolism and transport, in vitro/in vivo techniques for evaluating drug metabolism and transport, and scale-up of drug metabolism and membrane transport data.
  • PHC 516: Pharmacogenomics (spring, 1 credit): This course consists of lectures and in class exercises designed to introduce the principles and concepts in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. The course goal is to give students an understanding of the principles of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, such that they can then apply these skills to patient care. This is a required 2 credit hours course for students in the Bachelor of Sciences Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Doctorate of Pharmacy Program (Pharm D). This is an elective 2 credit hours course for graduate students (i.e. MS and PhD) in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program.
  • PHC 518: Nutrigenomics in Cancer (summer, 2 credits): Note you must complete PHC 516 before taking PHC 518. This course consists of lectures and in class exercises designed to expand upon the principles and concepts in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine by relating them to cancer and nutrigenomics.

Additional required activities/assignments:

  • To obtain the digital badge you will complete a cumulative Pharmacogenomics question related to current issues in pharmacogenomics.

Credit Options

  • Credit

Instruction Method

Online (100 percent of the degree requirements can be fulfilled online)

Average Time to Completion

3 semesters

Program Cost

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Apply to the Program

Submit your application by November 15, 2024 to be considered for the program beginning in the spring 2025 semester.

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