Differential Scanning Calorimetry/Thermogravimetric Analysis Facility

The facility serves a variety of research projects. A major focus and area of local expertise is the analysis of biological and artificial lipid bilayer membranes (liposomes). DSC is particularly useful in the investigation of small-molecule/membrane interactions. TGA can be used to detect residual solvent in amorphous and crystalline solids, and to characterize some polymorphic states such as solvates.

The facility is available to the campus and local research community on a recharge basis, and with arrangement in advance, the instruments can be booked for class demonstrations. Both an instrument operator and scientific consulting expertise are available on a cost-recovery basis. Research groups having a major and ongoing need for DSC/DTA data acquisition may elect to receive training and provide their own qualified operator.

This facility has two instruments:

  • a Perkin-Elmer DSC 2C Differential Scanning Calorimeter with TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) module. The instrument is equipped with a two-step intracooler system to perform measurements at sub-ambient temperatures (to -40C). The TGA module interface has hardware options to obtain derivatized thermograms.
  • a Perkin-elmer DSC-7. This newer instrument has higher sensitivity, digital data acquisition and permits a variety of programmed experimental modes not available with the DSC 2C.