Pharmaceutical Sciences Instrumentation Facility

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Instrumentation Facility is available to all School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty. It connects to faculty laboratories, conference rooms, glass washing room and walk-in cold room.

  • Circular Dichroism Facility
    Through a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Division of Research Resources, our facility has two state-of-the-art CD instruments, JASCO J815, operated as a shared facility.
  • DSC/TGA Facility
    The facility serves a variety of research projects. A major focus and area of local expertise is the analysis of biological and artificial lipid bilayer membranes (liposomes). DSC is particularly useful in the investigation of small-molecule/membrane interactions. TGA can be used to detect residual solvent in amorphous and crystalline solids, and to characterize some polymorphic states such as solvates.
  • Fluorescence Facility
    The facility serves a variety of research projects involving protein structure, drug-protein interactions, biological membrane structure and function, and pharmaceutical formulation.
  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) Facility
    We have re-organized our facilities, concentrating our triple-quadrupole/small molecule analysis resources on the UB South Campus (314B Pharmacy Building) and creating a core facility focused upon proteomics and ultra-high sensitivity biopharmaceutical analysis on the UB Downtown Campus, located in the NY State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.