Center for Proteomics

Jun Qu.

The Center for Proteomics conducts cutting-edge research in the following areas:


High-resolution and large-scale expression profiling of pathological proteomes (e.g. for cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer and infectious diseases, HIV, COPD, etc) for the discovery of disease/therapeutic biomarkers by a novel IonStar pipeline


Highly sensitive, accurate and robust analysis of novel protein drugs, drug target and biomarkers in both circulation and tissues


Sensitive identification, localization and quantification of post-translational modifications (PTM) in complex proteomes, with the emphases on arginine methylation and phosphorylation. Novel anti-PTM-peptides capture procedure and alternating collision induced dissociation (CID)/electron transferring dissociation (ETD) are employed to obtain abundant PTM information

Research Areas/Services

  • Proteomics-based biomarker discovery for clinical diagnosis, disease staging/stratification, and understanding drug effects and other biological mechanisms.
  • Sensitive identification, localization and quantification of post-translational modifications in clinical and pharmaceutical systems
  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of therapeutic proteins (e.g. monoclonal antibodies) for the PK study
  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of small-molecule drugs/metabolites/endogenous markers in pharmaceutical systems
  • Development of novel analytical methods that provide higher sensitivity, selectivity, throughput and robustness

Director: Dr. Jun Qu
318 Pharmacy Building
Buffalo, NY 14214-8033 
Phone: (716) 645-4821 
Fax: (716) 645-4821

Lab Location

We have over 1600 sq. ft. of lab space located in both the Pharmacy Building on the UB South Campus and the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CBLS) building downtown. The labs are well-equipped with various liquid chromatography (LC), mass spectrometer (MS) and sample processing instruments, as well as complete sets of biochemistry apparatus.

Major equipment/resources

  • 12 LC and MS instruments ($3.5 M in total value), including Orbitrap Fusion Lumos and ultra-sensitive TSQ Altis triple-quadrupole instruments
  • Supercomputer systems for analysis of large-scale proteomics data
  • Various bioinformatics software packages