Pharmacy Practice Research Centers

An international hub for innovation that brings together scientific disciplines in a nontraditional approach.

Our laboratory is focused on novel approaches to combat bacterial resistance by studying interdisciplinary areas including antimicrobial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, clinical pharmacology, bacterial genetics, and translational medicine. We utilize a variety approaches to optimize the profile of new and existing antibiotics including susceptibility and bactericidal testing, the cutting edge hollow fiber infection model, and advanced pharmacometric analysis.

Established in 2006 by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Medicaid Services as a partnership with the State University of New York. One of the primary areas of the NYSDOH initiative is with the University at Buffalo in the area of pharmacy to provide an evidence based, non-commercial source of the latest objective information regarding pharmaceuticals in order to improve the quality of health care delivery to Medicaid beneficiaries. 

Team Alice was inspired by the story of Alice Brennan and the tireless efforts of her daughter, Mary Brennan-Taylor, to drive positive change among health care professionals and across the system.

This program focuses on understanding the relationship between the pharmacokinetics of immunosuppressive drugs, pharmacodynamics of immunologic markers, and pharmacogenomic endpoints as related to race and gender of renal transplant recipients. 

A collaborative hub for the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty that are interested in clinical and translational pharmacotherapy research activities.

A postgraduate fellowship training initiative with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS clinical pharmacology between the University at Buffalo (UB) and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Program faculty at both institutions contribute mentored training to UZ students and scholars who, in turn, will contribute clinical pharmacology expertise to multidisciplinary teams to achieve the HIV/AIDS research goals for Zimbabwe.