Center for Drug Delivery

Center for Drug Delivery.

The Center for Drug Delivery is a dynamic academic home for investigators interested in discovering and advancing innovative drug delivery and therapy strategies.


  • To actively pursue industry partnerships allowing UB biotechnologies to translate into economic growth opportunities and revenue generation
  • To foster an interdisciplinary training environment educating the next generation of translational scientists interested in drug delivery and therapy development
  • Be a primary core facility creating delivery technologies for investigator projects and formulate translational services supporting further drug development.

Patented/Patent-Pending Delivery Platforms

The list below is not exhaustive. Please contact us for additional information.

  • Lipid-based delivery systems for immunomodulation and immunotolerance (autoimmune diseases, protein therapeutics, gene therapy, allergy)
  • Targeted nanocarriers to a wide range of receptors
  • Delivery platform to modulate tumor microenvironment
  • Exosome-based nanocarriers for nucleic acid delivery (tissue regeneration, wound healing, cancer)