Get Involved

Get Involved.

Alumni at the Spring 2019 student networking event

We have a number of opportunities for alumni that require minimal time and provide meaningful ways for you to support your alma mater.

Dean's Alumni Ambassador Program

Our Dean's Alumni Ambassadors mentor students, provide career guidance, and assist with recruitment.

Assist with reunion planning

Assistance with planning and outreach is a fun way to make your reunion a success!

Become a preceptor

Experiential rotations provide students the opportunity to develop into model practitioners and colleagues. Preceptors provide practical insights and experience that contribute to student professional development.

Pre-Pharmacy student guidance

Consider allowing a freshman or sophomore college student to shadow or volunteer in your workplace! 

Undergraduate pre-pharmacy students are encouraged to gain first-hand experience in a healthcare setting, to ensure that their major is the right fit for them. We seek a wide array of settings and our students are willing to consider all opportunities. The time commitment is up to you.

If you are able to accommodate this type of interaction, or if you have pharmacy technician openings, please email and we will match you up with a student.  

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