Clinical Research Program

The Clinical Research Program (CRP) is an opportunity for third and fourth year PharmD students to elevate themselves for placement in fellowships and residencies via individualized clinical and translational research programs. 

The CRP has a proven track record of providing students robust didactic and experiential clinical research activities which prepares them to compete for competitive post graduate training positions. 

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Digital Badge.

This is a micro-credential program. Earn the Clinical Pharmacy Research Program digital badge upon successful completion of this program. Learn more about micro-credentials.

Program Structure


Each student will be paired with a pharmacy practice faculty member in areas of their interest. Faculty who have served as CRP mentors include: Edward Bednarczyk, Maya Chilbert, Nicole Cieri-Hutcherson, Christopher Daly, Nick Fusco, Francis Gengo, David Jacobs, Qing Ma, Calvin Meaney, Gene Morse, Nick Smith, Kathleen Tornatore, Brian Tsuji, Bob Wahler, and Ashley Woodruff.

Experiential Education

Early match opportunities for P4 elective research rotations are offered and students will complete at least 1 non-direct patient care APPE elective rotation with their mentor.

Research Presentations

Students will present and defend their research protocols in the spring of P3 and P4 years via a 10 to 15 minute platform presentation. Opportunities to compete for UB SPPS Best Poster Award Winner and Sigma Si are available.


Highly motivated students will be able to publish their findings in professional journals.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must not have any unsatisfactory grades in required courses. Students must have a documented history of professional organization involvement and career goals that align with the program. Points in a variety of categories will be awarded based on the student's experience and explanation of goals. Additional points will be awarded to students on the Faculty Merit and Dean’s List. (One additional point for each semester on the Faculty Merit List and two additional points for each semester on Dean’s List). 



  • PHM598: Independent study with paired mentor (1-3 credit hours per semester)
  • PHM554: Clinical and Translational Therapeutics Seminar (1 credit, Spring semester)


  • PHM551: Clinical Research 1
  • PHM552: Clinical Research 2

Eligibility and Application


  • Experience in clinical or translational research is not required, but a strong interest is! The mission of the CRP is to help interested students understand and become involved in clinical research.
  • No unsatisfactory grades in required courses

Application Process

  • January 1, 2024: applications due from P1 and P2 students
    • P1 students may apply for early admission
  • February 1, 2024: notification of acceptance
  • A maximum of ten (10) P2 students accepted, with P1 early admission applications reviewed as space is available. P1 students not accepted are encouraged to re-apply the following year.
  • Once students are accepted, a 1:1 matching process (similar to the ASHP residency matching process) will take place where both students and faculty rank potential mentors with students.

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How to Earn a Micro-Credential

Digital Badge Title:  Clinical Pharmacy Research

This program will help you to become a future leader in pharmacy clinical and translational research.  The program designed to encourage Pharm D students to conduct original research.

The program consists of three courses and a co-curricular experience

  • PHM 598 Independent study
  • PHM 554 Clinical and Translational Therapeutics Seminar
  • PHM 831 Clinical Research Elective
  • Research Presentation(s) (co-curricular experience)

The program requires two years (four semesters) to complete

Who is eligible for the Clinical Pharmacy Research program?

Pharmacy students in their P2 year apply in January. Students must not have any unsatisfactory grades in required courses.

If accepted students will complete the program requirements in their last two professional years- P3 and P4 years.

What skills will I obtain?

You will engage in an original clinical pharmacy research experience.  You will ask critical clinical questions, formulate a hypothesis, write a research proposal, and finally, conduct your research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

What will I earn when I complete this program?

You will earn a notation on your academic transcript as well as a digital badge that you may use on your digital resume or social media sites.

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