Pharmacometric Software Workshops

Register to attend workshops led by instructors who are experts in pharmacometric software.

Fall 2024 workshops coming soon!

For questions, contact Wojciech Krzyzanski, PhD, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, at


Pharmacometrics as a scientific discipline requires computational tools not only for data analysis but also for teaching principles of mathematical and statistical modeling.

Proficiency in one or more pharmacometric software is a required skill for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows seeking career in pharmaceutical industry, academia, or government institutions.  In recognition of this demand the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences organizes workshops providing basic knowledge of and hands-on experience of mainstream pharmacometric software to all affiliated with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The organization of workshops is possible due to generous support of sponsors who provide software and training licenses free of charge.

Instructors who are experts in software are invited for a day or two day visit during spring or fall semesters to teach a workshop in one of the school computer laboratories. The instructors do not receive a fee for their service but are recognized by the department for their contributions to graduate and post-graduate education. Students can sign up for workshops of their choosing. To receive a credit they need to register for a PHC 512 course Pharmacometric Software. It is not uncommon that instructors offer help for individual projects and engage in research collaborations with the faculty.