Undergraduate Advising

You’ve committed to UB – congratulations!  Not sure where to start?  Your academic advisor is here to help you navigate the academic landscape.

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Advisors and Mentors

Professional Advisors

All UB students are assigned to a professional academic advising center based upon their major and/or affiliation with a special program. It is recommended that you meet with your advisor at least once per semester. Undergraduate pre-pharmacy and pre-pharmaceutical sciences students may seek advisement by emailing questions to pharm-admit@buffalo.edu or scheduling advising appointments through Navigate.

Not a pre-pharmacy or pre-pharmaceutical sciences student? Email pharm-admit@buffalo.edu to set up an advising appointment to learn about our majors.

To locate the advising office for a different academic major, see the academic advising directory

Peer Mentors

Current PharmD and Pharmaceutical Sciences students are available to chat with prospective and current students. Consider this a great complement to meeting with your academic advisor.

Advising Goals

Advisors are available to assist with academic, career and personal matters. Advisors:
  • Assist students in developing educational and career plans consistent with life goal(s).
  • Provide accurate information regarding academic progression, degree requirements and other policies.
  • Help students access campus resources.
  • Assist students in overcoming personal, academic and career planning issues.
  • Identify conditions that may impede achievement and formulate solutions.
  • Increase retention by providing a personal contact, connecting them to the institution and available resources.

Advisement Tools

When you are not meeting with your advisor, the University at Buffalo and the SPPS Admissions and Advisement Office have developed the following tools to assist you in understanding your progress and help you develop an academic plan.

Course Schedules and Registration

We will register you for your first semester. After the first semester, you will be responsible for registering yourself. We will help you to make sure you complete all prerequisite courses and UB Curriculum requirements. We also suggest taking PHM 201 to learn more about the field. You may also benefit from additional programs, such as combined degrees. Talk with your advisor about your options. 

Additional UB Services and Resources