Academic Review

The UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPPS) conducts an academic review of all students at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. It is important for all students to be aware of the academic review policies.


To determine eligibility for continued enrollment, the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences reviews the academic records of all undergraduate students. SPPS academic review is conducted within 10 business days after fall and spring semester grades are finalized.

Please note that the University at Buffalo Office of Undergraduate Education completes an independent academic standards review at the end of each fall and spring semester.

SPPS Academic Good Standing

SPPS considers the UB overall and major GPAs in its academic review. The major GPA is based on required science and math courses and can be found calculated in the Academic Advising Report (AAR) in HUB.

A student is in SPPS academic good standing if their cumulative UB grade point average (QPA) and their major grade point average (mGPA) both satisfy the requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. These requirements are as follows:

Unsatisfactory academic standing may limit a student's ability to participate in university activities.

SPPS Provisional Status

SPPS provisional status is an official notification that the student's academic performance does not meet SPPS standards.

A student is placed in SPPS provisional status if their QPA and/or mGPA are below the minimum requirements as listed in the catalog for their enrolled degree program.

After the SPPS provisional status is determined, students receive a hold that limits their ability to register in courses until they satisfy a required advisement session. The goal of the advisement engagement is to connect students with resources that may help them improve their academic performance. The notification email provides details regarding the advisement session.

SPPS Major Dismissal

SPPS takes the action of major dismissal on the premise that the student is currently unable to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

A student who has been enrolled at UB for two or more semesters is dismissed from SPPS if:

  • QPA and mGPA in prerequisite courses are below minimum requirements as listed in the catalog for their enrolled degree program the semester prior to advancement into upper division major courses (traditional third/junior year of undergraduate study), or
  • QPA and mGPA in upper division courses (traditional third/junior or fourth/senior years of undergraduate study) are below minimum requirements as listed in the catalog for their enrolled degree program for two consecutive semesters, or
  • they do not follow the curriculum in their SPPS major for two consecutive semesters.

A change in a student's academic status due to a deficiency in their QPA or mGPA may not be negotiated. SPPS will review cases only wherein there is a change in a course grade or a calculation error was made.

Students with legitimate extenuating circumstances may petition for immediate reinstatement. Petition requests are submitted via an online form and are generally due within one week of fall or spring semester final grades posted in HUB. Students are expected to utilize their AAR in HUB to track their progress toward degree and major requirements. Petition submissions include a statement and optional supporting documentation that one could reasonably be expected to obtain.

Students who do not submit a petition or unsuccessfully petition for reinstatement will be removed from the SPPS major as follows:

Students dismissed from SPPS are strongly encouraged to work with UB's academic advisors to explore other majors. Students not eligible for continued study in the undergraduate portion of the major will be updated to Exploring Alternatives. Former combined degree candidates may still prepare a competitive application to the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) program without having to be enrolled in the combined degree.

The Associate Dean for Admissions, Enrollment Planning, and Pre-Pharmacy Advising is the arbiter for these regulations.


Students will receive official notifications of their SPPS academic standing via UB email.

Advisement Sessions for Provisional Status

After the SPPS academic notification, students will receive a hold that will limit their ability to register in courses until they satisfy a required advisement session. The notification email and the description of your hold in HUB provide details regarding the advisement session. 

All students in SPPS provisional status are required to complete the Academic Status Self-Assessment before the advisement session. Holds will be removed for students following completion of the advisement session.