Our History

Pharmacy student in Foster Hall, 1950.

Pharmacy student in Foster Hall, 1950

Since 1886, the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has been a national leader in education and research, playing a major role in transforming pharmacy from a professional practice to a major field of clinical research.

Today, we continue pushing the boundaries in education and research, from pioneering a pharmacogenomics curriculum to originating the nation’s first HIV antiviral treatment certification program.

We are the second-oldest component of the University at Buffalo, which is the largest and most comprehensive university center in the SUNY system and the first public university in New York to be admitted into the Association of American Universities (AAU).

Notable Accomplishments

  • One of the only pharmacy schools in the country to require pharmacogenomics
  • Pioneering research programs in protein therapeutics and drug action/ drug discovery
  • Continually ranked within the top 25 pharmacy schools nationally as well as a top pharmacy school for extramural grant funding
  • Seminal leader in drug development research impacting HIV/AIDS
  • Faculty members nationally and internationally recognized for educational innovativeness