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Recent Grant Awards

Within the last 6 months

Title Sponsor                
PI Project Period
Total Amount
Antiretroviral pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics and toxicity in neuroAIDS National Institute of Mental Health Qing Ma
7/1/16- 6/30/17 $119,936
Film Antiretroviral Microbicide Evaluation Magee-Womens Research Institute and Foundation Robert Bies
6/1/16- 5/31/17 $37,136
Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate: Toxicokinetics, Toxicodynamics and Treatment Strategies National Institute on Drug Abuse Marilyn Morris 7/1/16- 6/30/17 $372,771
Investigation of formulation variables on sc bioavailability of monoclonal antibody therapeutics Eli Lilly and Company Sathy Balu-Iyer
6/23/16- 6/22/18 $145,000
Gateway Research Scholarship for Nicholas Smith American Foundation Pharmaceutical Education Brian Tsuji
6/30/16- 6/30/17 $5,000
SBIR: Development of PDE2 Inhibitors for Treatment of Anxiety/Depression in Autism/Schizophrenia Intra Cellular Therapies Incorporated James O'Donnell 6/1/16-
Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics University of Rochester
Gene Morse
Cholesterol Biomarkers and Oxysterols in Multiple Sclerosis Progression National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Murali Ramanathan 7/5/16- 8/31/18 $438,625
Understanding the Relative Contributions of and Critical Enzymes for the Three Pathways for Intracrine Metabolism of Testicular Androgens in Advanced Prostate Cancer Department of Defense Robert Bies
9/30/16- 9/29/19 $276,699
UB-BMS Training Program Bristol Myers Squibb Company William Jusko 1/14/16- 6/30/19 $86,227
Novel methods for urine di-peptide biomarkers UCB Biopharma SPRL Jun Qu 10/31/16- 4/30/17 $150,000
SBIR - Phosphodiesterase-4B (PDE4B) Inhibitors for Psychiatric Tetra Discovery Partners Ying Xu
9/20/16- 8/31/17 $111,770
Catch and Release Immunotoxins: CAR-Bombs for Cancer National Cancer Institute
Joseph Balthasar 12/7/16- 11/30/21 $1,827,130
STTR - Drug Discovery Platform For Protein Arginine Methyltransferase Inhibitors CH3 BioSystems LLC Jun Qu 9/1/16- 8/31/17 $75,000
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