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These advising guides are for students who will be completing all of their prerequisites before enrolling in UB’s Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

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Notes about prerequisite courses

  • All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade equal to or greater than C- by the end of the summer and prior to fall matriculation within 5 years preceding admission (see for details). Completion of courses during the first summer session (generally from the end of May until the end of June) is expected and applicants must receive prior written approval by emailing
  • The Admissions Committee reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission if grades at or below C+, including R (resigned), W (withdrawn), or U (unsatisfactory), are received in more than one course in the same terms during the fall, winter, spring, or summer semesters prior to fall matriculation in the PharmD program. 
  • Any prerequisites not offered at your institution can be taken at another institution. UB SPPS does not articulate courses or evaluate transcripts. To find equivalent courses, please refer to UB’s Course Equivalency Guide or course descriptions in UB’s undergraduate catalog. Candidates should adhere to General Education requirements of their home campus. Please contact the Office of Admissions and Advisement if considering undergraduate transfer to UB to complete prerequisites, as additional courses may be required. 
  • It is critical all students possess the ability to communicate effectively using both the oral and written English language. Written communication skills will also be assessed in a standardized manner. 
  • All UB students are expected to uphold standards of academic integrity. As a result, students are responsible for knowing what constitutes an act of dishonesty, and a lack of awareness is not considered an excuse. At UB, academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the following: PharmCAS applicants must adhere to the Applicant Code of Conduct. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to rescind a PharmD offer of admission if students do not uphold standards of academic integrity. Students who do not demonstrate these proficiencies and attributes will not be eligible for admission. 
  • UB SPPS faculty have established Personal Attributes and Capabilities Essential for Admission, Progression, and Graduation (Technical Standards) for our Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. Learn more about the SPPS PharmD Technical Standards.

Curriculum may be modified as professional competencies change and new areas develop. Required prerequisites and course equivalencies are subject to change. For updates, visit

Please contact for advisement if you plan to transfer to UB as an undergraduate to complete prerequisites. If a course you need is not available on your campus, please refer to the University at Buffalo’s Course Equivalency Guides for additional options.

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