Academic Resources

The school and university offer several resources and services to help our students succeed academically. If you feel like you are starting to fall behind, you should seek advisement immediately.

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Schedules and Registration

Academic Support/Tutoring

If you are having trouble in any course, you are encouraged to first meet with your advisor and the professor. Make sure you are attending every class. There are also a variety of tutoring programs or you may form from study groups. You may also benefit from self-help materials and external resources to understand how best to study. If you are in serious academic trouble due to extenuating circumstances, talk with your advisor regarding possible Administrative Withdrawal and Leave of Absence options.

Time Management

Time management is important for success and involves goal setting, organizing, planning, conserving time and resources, and maintaining peak efficiency. 

  • Have a planner/calendar
  • Break up the material into chunks
  • Prioritize and use peak periods of concentration
  • Study and review material each day - do not wait to cram material before an exam

You may need to cut back on the number of hours you are working or how much time you are dedicating to student organizations and other extracurricular activities. Don't skip class!

Learning Styles and Memory Techniques

Identify your learning style to succeed academically. Studying might be best accomplished by doing so in different ways, including in groups and by putting material into a form they can best absorb. It may be useful for students to take a learning style assessment to determine how they might alter study material to study more effectively. 

You should study over sustained periods of time, rather than in short cramming sessions. Review material regularly.

Academic Plan

Make sure you stay on track and successfully complete all requirements. You may also benefit from additional programs, such as combined degrees. Talk with your advisor about your options.

Libraries and Books

There are several libraries on campus to study in. As a PharmD student, you'll have access to some free books for required courses.