Elective courses provide students with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, professional attitude, values, and beliefs beyond that provided by the core curriculum. Students should make every effort to learn from these elective courses to complement their professional education and enhance their careers. To ensure you are on track with requirements, current students may review their HUB Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

Elective Policies

  • Eight (8) elective credit hours are required (except for dual/collaborative degree students). 
  • Eligible courses are SPPS electives (PHM and PHC) and approved outside/non-SPPS courses.
  • Up to one (1) approved non-SPPS course (up to 3 credits) may count toward the professional electives requirement. These include:
    1. Approved non-PHM or non-PHC courses at UB. Be sure they do not conflict with your block schedule.
    2. Approved non-UB courses at other accredited pharmacy schools. Students will register for the course through the other institution. Submit requests for approval and proof of completion to pharm-advise@buffalo.edu. Your elective credit requirement will be adjusted on your Academic Advisement Report.
  • To request approval to enroll in a course that is not in the approved list, email pharm-advise@buffalo.edu. A student will not receive professional elective credit without approval. Non-SPPS courses must be clearly related to your future practice in pharmacy and must be at an appropriate level (generally numbered at least 400 or above).
  • A professional elective must be taken for a letter grade. You must earn a C or higher to earn credit towards your degree.
  • Courses taken prior to admission to the PharmD program cannot be used as elective credit.
  • Courses taken to satisfy another degree (unless specifically spelled out in an approved joint or dual degree program) cannot be used as elective credit.

Independent Studies and Research

For Independent Studies, please refer to the Graduate UB Academic Schedule and contact the instructor. Credit hours vary from 1 to 6. When registering, it defaults to one credit so be sure to adjust this accordingly. 

Supervised Teaching/Teaching Assistant (TA)

In order to be a teaching assistant (TA), students must apply. TA credits count as electives and students register for PHM 798 Supervised Teaching. There are about 85-90 TA's each year. If you are taking PHM 599, please register for 2 credits if you are in the Scholars Program and 1 credit if you are not. There is no limit on the number of elective credits you can earn as a TA - you can TA multiple times if you choose.

Electives for Special Programs

Clinical Research Program (CRP): PHC 543 Molecular Genetics Methods (offered before start of Spring semester) is a potential elective course, but is only required if the research mentor deems it necessary.

Dual/Collaborative Degree Programs: Students enrolled in a dual/collaborative degree program will satisfy their elective requirements with courses from the other school.

Scholars Program: refer to the Scholars Program Webpage