Circular Dichroism Facility

Through a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Division of Research Resources, our faciltiy has a state-of-the-art CD instrument, operated as a shared facility. This instrument is a JASCO J-715, with the capability for simultaneous CD/fluorescence data acquisition, 4-channel stopped flow, titrator, fast-responding peltier-effect temperature control, and full computer control of experimental setup and data acquisition.

The CD facility also has a JASCO J500C instrument equipped with analog data output and a temperature-controlled sample compartment to enable temperature-dependent studies (such as folding/unfolding of protein pharmaceuticals). Hardware modifications allow data acquisition down to 187 nm. Ancillary spectral processing software capabilities of the facility include the analysis of far UV CD data to obtain the secondary structural content of proteins and peptide pharmaceuticals.

The facility serves a variety of research projects involving protein structure, drug-protein interactions, and pharmaceutical formulation.

The facility is available to the campus and local research community on a recharge basis. Both an instrument operator and scientific consulting expertise are available on a cost-recovery basis. Research groups having a major and ongoing need for CD data acquisition may elect to receive training and provide their own qualified operator.