Early Assurance 2+4=6

Incoming freshmen entering UB directly from high school who indicate pharmacy as their major are automatically admitted into our Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program through our prestigious Early Assurance (EA) Program. 

About the Program

This program gives talented freshmen the heightened advantage of securing a seat in our four-year PharmD degree after completing two years of prescribed undergraduate course work and an interview. This outstanding opportunity, available since 1998, has consistently provided a comprehensive curriculum in preparation for our PharmD program.  

EA @ UB offers significant advantages all at an excellent value:

  • A simplified application process - PCAT, recommendation letters, personal statement, and experiences are NOT required
  • A top-ranked program with a reputation as the most established training program in New York
  • Access to renowned faculty involved in ground-breaking research
  • An innovative educational experience  

Through EA, qualified students submit a simplified Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application in the first semester of sophomore year at UB but will not compete with the hundreds of regular PharmCAS applicants. To remain a PharmCAS member, UB SPPS must collect the application from all PharmD candidates, though it will not be used in admission decision-making for our Early Assurance Program. 

EA @ UB is restricted to students who enter UB directly from high school.

How to Apply

Admission to the EA program is based on the University’s Freshman Admission Criteria. There are no additional high school GPA or SAT/ACT requirements. EA is not the sole route into our PharmD program and ineligibility for EA does not imply that a student is not qualified for admission. All other applicants are considered through PharmCAS.

  • Apply to UB through Undergraduate Admissions or International Admissions.
  • Indicate pharmacy as your major on your freshman application or before December 31 in your first semester freshman year at UB.
  • New for Fall 2017 freshman and beyond: Submit a PharmCAS application July-September 1 of your sophomore year at UB. The PCAT, personal essay, letters of recommendation, and experiences are NOT required. Students who do not meet the EA requirements after the fall semester of sophomore year may be considered through the regular/non-EA PharmCAS process during the same application period without submitting any additional materials. Those who are concerned about not meeting the EA requirements are strongly advised to take the PCAT January or February of their sophomore year. Former EA candidates may apply via the regular/non-EA PharmCAS process during a future application period, at which time all of the above items will be required. Note: the PharmCAS application is required by PharmCAS for ALL applicants though it will not be used in admission decision-making for our EA Program.
  • Invitations for an EA interview will be emailed in January after the freshman fall semester and will be held the beginning of the freshman spring semester. Take advantage of our Career Services Interviewing resources to prepare.
  • Contact the UB SPPS Academic Advisor for more information.

Get Ready for Pharmacy

Once you’ve decided to pursue a career in pharmacy, begin making connections and gain experience in the field. Experience is not required; however, it is expected. You can begin following these tips even before coming to UB. Once you enter UB, be sure to utilize all of the university resources. See SPPS Undergraduate Advising.  

Find a mentor
Connect with a person that can give you advice and answer your questions about the field. This could be a professor, school counselor, family member, local pharmacist, health professional, etc.

Talk to current students
Current pharmacy student Peer Mentors are available to speak with you about preparing for pharmacy school, research, getting involved, special programs, course selection, and other advice and tips. See Peer Mentor Information for drop-in hours.

Gain pharmacy experience
Most successful applicants to pharmacy school have demonstrated their commitment to a career in health care by obtaining experience. Shadow or volunteer at a pharmacy, hospital, nursing home, medical office, or other related health care facility or organization. Seek research opportunities with professors once enrolled at UB. Come prepared with questions to do informational interviews.

Start asking your list of contacts - if you don't have many, reach out to family and friends who may have contacts. You can even try asking the office/facility directly if they have any opportunities for you. 

Work in a pharmacy
Students can find part-time or summer jobs in a pharmacy such as cashiers, clerks or assistants. Keep in mind, however, that pharmacy is a diverse field and community/retail pharmacy is only one option.

Use online resources
Learn about healthcare by reading articles and exploring websites such as: