Pharmaceutical sciences students present at Spring Poster Day

Student Presenters.

By Kara Sweet

Published May 3, 2019

University at Buffalo pharmaceutical sciences students presented on a variety of topics at Spring Poster Day on May 2.

Presenter Faculty Advisor Title
Jakob Albro Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer Validation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) as an In Vitro Method of Measuring Immunogenicity
Kenneth Anderson Dr. Javier Blanco Comparing Methylome Landscapes of Cardiac Tissue from Individuals with and without Down Syndrome
Jade Gier Dr. Kathy Boje Telomeres and Nutrition: Exploring the Relationship Between Health and Cellular Aging
Bianca Gonzalez Dr. Juliane Nguyen Macrophage Polarization by Targeting the CXCR4 Receptor
Mairead Heavey Dr. Dhaval Shah A Platform Approach to Engineering pH-Dependent Therapeutic Antibodies
Sammi Huang Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer The Influence of Protein-Protein Interaction of Monoclonal Antibodies on Subcutaneous Bioavailability
Scott Huynh Dr. Joseph Balthasar Sequencing Variable Domain Regions of Anti-Carcinoembryonic Antigen Monoclonal Antibodies by Using Polymerase Chain Reaction
Selena Li Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer Biophysical Characterization of Lysophosphatidylserine, LYSO-PS, Liposome Between Multilamellar and Unilamellar Liposomes
Yuelin Li Dr. Dhaval Shah Establishing Methods for Genetic T-cell Engineering
Jessica Ng Dr. Kathy Boje Systematic Literature Review on Price Gouging, Biosimilars and Insulin: A Pandemic and Controversy
Taylor Poltorak Dr. Kathy Boje Amphetamine Use for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has a Direct Correlation to Substance Use Disorder
Pooja Rajadhyaksha Dr. Dhaval Shah 2,4-Dinitrophenol as a Viable Option to Treat Obesity
Amina Tithi Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer The Long-Term Stability of LysoPhosphatidylserine (LysoPS) Nanoparticle for Immunotherapy
Dominique Weeks Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer Biophysical Characteristics of Tolerogenic Nanoparticle Containing Wheat Gliadin

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