SPPS students collaborate in Drug Metabolism Focus Group

Personalized Medicine

Published January 19, 2017

Nadia Mansouri, PharmD '18, Khyatiben Rana, PharmD '18, and Erik Hefti, PharmD, MS, PhD '17, collaborated with Javier Blanco, associate professor, pharmaceutical sciences, on an article in the Drug Metabolism Focus Group (DMFG) December 2016 newsletter titled "An Overview of Preemptive Pharmacogenetics."

Preemptive pharmacogenomics involves using genetic information (through genetic testing) to predict the effects of a drug. Drug therapy can then be more personalized based on the patients genetic makeup, which may lead to better therapeutic outcomes.

DMFG is comprised of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) members interested in all aspects of the biotransformation of chemicals and therapeutic agents as well as the conditions that influence metabolism and those that are affected by biotransformation processes.