Get Involved

We have volunteer opportunities for alumni that require minimal time and provide meaningful ways for our graduates to support their alma mater.

Volunteer activities include:

- Mentoring students and providing career guidance
- Reviewing applications and interviewing
- Representing UB SPPS at graduate fairs
- Planning class reunions
- Becoming a preceptor
- Making admissions referrals
- Attending networking events
- Engaging with pre-pharmacy undergraduates (see below)

Engage with pre-pharmacy undergraduates

Undergraduate pre-pharmacy students are encouraged to gain first-hand experience in a healthcare setting, to be sure that their major is the right fit for them. Many of our students are unable to find these opportunities in the pharmacy. We invite our alumni to consider allowing a freshman or sophomore student to shadow or volunteer in their workplace on an individual basis. We seek a wide array of settings and our students are willing to consider all opportunities. The time commitment may vary and is up to the discretion of our alumni.

If you are able to accommodate this type of interaction, please email and we will match you with our students as they request more experience.  

In-patient pharmacists interesting in working with UB students are encouraged to become a preceptor.

As you have pharmacy technician openings, please let us know by emailing them to  We would be happy to share this amongst our students who are seeking this type of hands-on opportunity.

Become a Dean's Alumni Ambassador!

For more information on becoming a Dean's Alumni Ambassador, please contact:

Jennifer Rosenberg, Associate Dean for Admissions