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File Your FASFA

Both UB SPPS academic and need-based scholarships require a current FAFSA application on file. If you are a US citizen and need additional help financing your education, you should complete this application.

UB SPPS Admissions Scholarships

First professional year students are eligible for competitive scholarships, when available, awarded by the school’s Scholarship Committee and determined primarily by information supplied by students in their admissions application. No additional application is required. Scholarship decisions are made and conveyed during the admissions process. Those selected must respond by the deadline noted in the offer letter or the scholarship will be forfeited. Additional scholarship details will be included in the offer letter and must be read and adhered to in order to maintain scholarship funding. The Scholarship Committee takes many factors into account when reviewing criteria of potential scholarship recipients such as academic achievement, initiative and degree of effort given to self-support of the student's educational expenses, residency, unmet financial need, career aspirations, the quality of the admissions application essay, combinations of these factors, and/or other criteria.

UB SPPS Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are earned after the first professional year (P1) and students do not have to apply for these types of monies. These are dispersed based upon their academic performance to the Latin Honors:

  • 3.2–3.49: Cum Laude
  • 3.50–3.74: Magna Cum Laude
  • Greater than 3.74: Summa Cum Laude

UB SPPS Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are provided for those students who show clear financial need. Students must also be in good academic standing and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in core courses only. Scholarship applications are emailed each spring for the following year.

SPPS need-based scholarships are supported by:

  • Aversano-Strozzi Scholarship Fund
  • Allen Barnett Fellowship
  • Jennie Bauda Demuth Scholarship Fund
  • David and Jane Chu Scholarship Fund
  • Robert M. Cooper Scholarship Fund
  • Crimaldi-Madejski Scholarship Fund
  • CVS Scholarship Fund
  • X. Dave D'Ambrosio Scholarship Fund
  • Pamela Emerson Scholarship Fund
  • Lyle A. Graves Scholarship Fund
  • Independent Health Scholarship Fund
  • John Kapoor Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences Fund
  • Gilbert Kulick Scholarship Fund
  • Lorren Larwood Scholarship Fund
  • Francis and Edward Mayer Scholarship Fund
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Scholarship Fund
  • Cecil and Violet Newton Scholarship Fund
  • Henry A. Panasci, Jr. Pharmacy Scholarship Fund
  • Copel and Max Rubenstein Scholarship Fund
  • UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumni Association Grants in Aid
  • UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Golf Tournament Scholarship Fund
  • Walgreens Scholarship Fund
  • Walmart Scholarship Fund
  • Women's Club of Columbia Scholarship Fund

Outside Scholarships

Below is a list of some relevant scholarships offered outside of the school. Please review the application instructions and verify the deadlines on the scholarship provider's website.

Deadline Name & Link to Application
Eligibility Amount
February AFPE Gateway to Research Scholarship
  • PharmD students interested in research
February   AACP Walmart Scholars Program
  • Graduate and professional student, resident, or fellow
Various (March-April) AAUW Buffalo Branch Loans and Grants
  • Female undergrad or graduate
  • Resident of one of the eight Western New York counties and
  • Graduate of a high school in the region
  • Full-time student
Various (February-April) Italian-American Pharmacists Society
  • Italian
  • Pharmacy student
March   HIMSS Scholarship
  • All undergraduate or graduate students in healthcare
March The National Community Pharmacists Association's (NCPA) Scholarships
  • Pharmacy student
  • NCPA member
  • May only receive once
AfterCollege Science Scholarship
  • Student in health sciences




Donald W. Arthur Sr. Entrepreneurial Scholarship in Pharmacy

  • PAWNY member
May Nicholas Ciccarone Scholarship (application emailed to listservs)
  • Any full time, fourth, or fifth year pharmacy student
May Ciarletta Scholarship (application emailed to listservs)
  • Any full time, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth year student  
May   Express Scripts Foundation
  • Dual degree student
June   UB Alumnae Scholarship
  • Female UB student
August   Lasker Foundation Essay Contest
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate students
$2,000 -$10,000
September   Maureen R.L. Mussenden Scholarship
  • Graduate/Professional student in one of the five UB Health Sciences Schools
October National Hispanic Health Foundation
  • Hispanic students in dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and policy schools
October CVS Health/NMF Pharm.D. Scholarshi
  • African American pharmacy student
November   UB SPPS Alumni Association
  • US citizen
  • Financial need
  • P2, P3, P4 student
November Alaska Pharmacists Association
  • Alaskan student pursuing a degree in the field of pharmacy
AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship
  • Any university student
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
December Pharmacists Mutual Companies Scolarship Program
  • P3 or P4
  • Plan to practice in an independent or small chain community pharmacy
    or underserved geographic or cultural community, preferably in an independent or small chain community pharmacy
December George F. Archambault Scholarship
  • P2, P3, P4 student
  • 2.75 GPA
  • APhA member
HSF/CVS Caremark Scholarship Program
  • Hispanic