UB SPPS Student Emergency Fund

The UB SPPS Student Emergency Fund was created to help students through emergencies that might otherwise disrupt a student’s progress towards earning their UB SPPS degree. This emergency fund is currently maintained through donations from students, faculty/staff, and alumni. 

These funds offer temporary one-time financial assistance for immediate and current emergency situations. Emergencies involve circumstances which are beyond the student’s, control such as death in the family, accident, loss of property, loss of income, or unanticipated educational expenses. 

Applying for Assistance

Students in need of assistance need to note the following before applying for funding:

  • Funding requests cannot be used in place of financial aid, nor should they be considered a means to finance a student’s education.
  • Your application should include:
    • A statement which outlines your specific need.
    • How the fund would alleviate your need.
    • How the need will be resolved/avoided in future semesters.
  • If funded, students will agree to provide documentation and/or receipts - upon request - which document the expenditure of the funds.
  • Students may only apply for funding assistance once per academic year. 

How to Apply

  • Please go to https://buffalo.academicworks.com/
  • Complete BOTH the general application and the emergency fund application.  By completing these applications, you will be considered for both institutional emergency funding and SPPS emergency funding.
  • Emergency fund applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis during the application periods outlined below.
  • If you are eligible, you will receive an e-mail from Niki Pizzutelli with further instruction.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please note that the SPPS Emergency Fund cannot be utilized for tuition assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding requesting funds, please contact Niki Pizzutelli, Director for Student Success and Engagement at npizzute@buffalo.edu.

Examples of situations where the UB SPPS Student Emergency Fund might be utilized
  • Life emergencies leading to financial distress
  • Unanticipated experiential education expense (e.g. required personal liability insurance, transportation and living costs beyond typically expected/budgeted)
  • Assistance with replacing textbooks that were lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • One-time assistance with utility bill for unexpected disconnect or to assist with avoiding disconnect.