Our Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

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PhD Students

Kayla Ann Andrews.

Kayla Ann Andrews, PharmD

Research interests: malaria, model informed drug development, pharmacometrics

Viva Ayyar.

Viva Ayyar

Research interests: corticosteroid pharmacokinetics and dynamics, sex differences, PK/PD systems modeling

Peter Bloomingdale.

Peter Bloomingdale

Research interests: systems pharmacology, peripheral neuropathy, boolean network modeling

Brandon Bordeau.

Brandon Bordeau

Research interests: Antibody tumor distribution

Mark Bryniarski.

Mark Bryniarski

Research interests: diabetes, kidney, inhibition

David Bussing.

David Bussing

Research interests: immunoconjugates, ocular disease, pharmacokinetics

Darren Chan.

Darren Chan

Research interests: targeted drug delivery, immunotherapy in oncology, disease progression in oncology

Hsueh-Yuan (Luke) Chang.

Hsueh-Yuan (Luke) Chang

Ting Chen.

Ting Chen

Research interests: tumor priming, system pharmacology, PK/PD modeling

Michael Deci.

Michael Deci

Research interests: phage display, cancer immunotherapy, scFv antibodies

Robert Dingman.

Robert Dingman

Research interests: phosphatidylserine, immunogenicity, tolerance

Kelly Fellows.

Kelly Fellows

Research interests: lipids, multiple sclerosis

Daniel Ferguson.

Daniel Ferguson

Research interests: pharmacogenomics, epigenetics, FcRn

Scott Ferguson.

Scott Ferguson

Research interests: exosomes, RNA delivery, PKPD

Kristin Follman.

Kristin Follman

Research interests: transporters, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), renal impairment

Jue Gong.

Jue Gong

Research interests: pH-dependent antibody, PK/PD modeling and simulation, cancer immunotherapy

Xiaowen Guan.

Xiaowen Guan

Research interests: monocarboxylate transporters, new drug target, breast cancer

Erik Hefti.

Erik Hefti, PharmD

Research interests: mitochondrial dysfunction, cardiotoxicity, pharmacogenomics

Robert Jones.

Robert Jones

Research interests: transporter, CRISPR/Cas9, metabolomics

Antari Khot.

Antari Khot

Research interests: immuno-oncology, PK-PD modeling, ADCs

Efrem Kifle.

Efrem Kifle

Research interests: membrane transport, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics

Zhe Li.

Zhe Li

Research interests: PBPK, PK/PD, mAb/protein therapeutics

Qingxiang (Nick) Lin.

Qingxiang (Nick) Lin

Research interests: Drug combination, drug delivery, molecular pharmacology, immunotherapy, PK/PD modeling, system pharmacology

Shun Xin Wang Lin.

Shun Xin Wang Lin

Research interests: monoclonal antibody, Acinetobacter baumannii, pharmacokinetics

Sihang Liu.

Sihang Liu

Research interests: pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology, new methods development

Mason McComb.

Mason McComb

Research interests: stochastic modeling, network modeling, pharmacogenomic modeling, multiple sclerosis

Lyndsey Meyer.

Lyndsey Meyer

Research interests: obesity, uncouplers, systems pharmacology

Emilie Molins.

Emilie Molins

Research interests: PKPD, pancreatic cancer, combination of treatments

Kasey Morrow.

Kasey Morrow

Ly Minh Nguyen.

Ly Minh Nguyen

Research interests: iron metabolism, hepcidin regulation, PKPD of erythroferrone

Nhan Hanh Nguyen.

Nhan Hanh Nguyen

Research interests: immunological tolerance, lipid particle, phosphatidylserine

Toan Nguyen.

Toan Nguyen

Research interests: PK/PD, antibody engineering, cancer immunotherapy

Van Anh Nguyen.

Van Anh Nguyen

Research interests: systems pharmacology, immunotherapy, non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Jin Niu.

Jin Niu

Research interests: cancer combinatorial therapy, quantitative system pharmacology, proteomics analysis

Ryan Polli.

Ryan Polli

Research interests: immunoconjugates, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, intracellular delivery

Vidya Ramakrishnan.

Vidya Ramakrishnan

Research interests: multiple myeloma, cancer heterogeneity, and systems pharmacology

Vivian Rodriguez.

Vivian Rodriguez

Research interests: membrane transport, MCT1, drugs of abuse

Nicholas Smith.

Nicholas Smith

PharmD/PhD Student

Research interests: pharmacodynamic models, antimicrobials, emerging resistance

Dawei Song.

Dawei Song

Research interests: corticosteroids, rheumatoid arthritis, PK/PD

Veena A. Thomas.

Veena A. Thomas

Research interests: antibody pharmacokinetics, inter-individual variability, PBPK modeling

Michael Turner.

Michael Turner

Research interests: pharmacokinetics, immunogenicity, formulations

Jinli Wang.

Jinli Wang

Research interests: stem cells, exosomes, and ischemic heart diseases

Yujie Yang.

Yujie Yang

Research interests: bispecific antibody, antibody PKPD, cancer immunotherapy

Fiona Yau.

Fiona Yau

Research interests: phosphatidylserine, immunogenicity, tolerance induction

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Bo An.

Bo An

Research interests: bioanalysis, LC/MS, biotherapeutics

Romi Cejas, PhD.

Romi Cejas, PhD

Research interests: pharmacogenomics, cell and molecular biology, confocal microscopy applications and image analysis

Tista Roy Chaudhuri, PhD.

Tista Roy Chaudhuri, PhD

Research interests: pharmacology, drug delivery, biophysics

Mohammad Ghasemi, PhD.

Mohammad Ghasemi, PhD

Research interests: quantitative systems pharmacology, computational chemical biology, multi-scale modeling, PK/PD modeling

Leiming Guo, PhD.

Leiming Guo, PhD

Research interests: antibody engineering, development of CEA and CD3 targeting bi-specific molecule, development of site-specific ADCs, development of pH-sensitive antibodies

Adolfo Quinones Lombrana, PhD.

Adolfo Quinones Lombrana, PhD

Research interests: pharmacogenomics, cardio-oncology, molecular biology

Panteleimon D. Mavroudis, PhD.

Panteleimon D. Mavroudis, PhD

Research interests: circadian rhythms, PBPK modeling, pharmacometrics, bioinformatics

Roshan Borkar, PhD.

Roshan Borkar, PhD

Research interests: quantitative mass spectrometry assay development and validation, metabolite quantification, metabolomics, bioanalysis for PK studies, small molecule quantification, drug and drug metabolite quantification

MS Students

Cindy Bednasz.

Cindy Bednasz, PharmD

Research interests: population pharmacokinetics, HIV, clinical trials

James Cavenaugh.

James Cavenaugh, PhD

Research interests: pharmacometrics, model selection, immunology

Yuan-Ju Chen.

Yuan-Ju Chen

John Diep, PharmD.

John Diep, PharmD

Research interests: systems-based modeling, infectious diseases, disease progression

Katherine Keller.

Katherine Keller

Research interests: gene therapy, immunology, biophysical characterization

Se-Ra Kim.

Se-Ra Kim

PharmD/MS Student

Research interests: extracellular vesicles, nucleic acid delivery, macrophages

Christine Lee.

Christine Lee

Research interests: mRNA, signaling peptides, ischemic heart diseases

Jake Megna.

Jake Megna

BS/MS Student

Research interests: exosomes, macrophage polarization, miRNAs

Ismael Mohamed.

Ismael Mohamed

Srividya Myneni.

Srividya Myneni

Research interests: PBPK modeling, antibody engineering, anti-glioblastoma ADC

Mami Efua Otu-Acquah.

Mami Efua Otu-Acquah

Research interests: PK/PD modeling, systems pharmacology, population PK/PD analysis

Huynmin Park.

Huynmin Park

PharmD/MS Student

Research interests: pharmacokinetics, vitamin D

Jie Pu.

Jie Pu

Research interests: pharmaceutical analysis, protein therapeutics and LC/MS

Farah Al Qaraghuli.

Farah Al Qaraghuli

Research interests: immuno-oncology, PKPD modeling, and chemotherapeutics

Zhicheng Qian.

Zhicheng Qian

Research interests: cancer drug combinations, pharmacodynamics

Amanda Rhodes.

Amanda Rhodes

Research interests: multiple sclerosis, analysis, datasets

Sydney Scatigno.

Sydney Scatigno

BS/MS Student

Research interests: scFv antibodies, targeting, cancer

Min Jeong Seo.

Min Jeong Seo

PharmD/MS Student

Research interests: myocardial infarction, monocytes, nanocarriers

Andrea Serratore.

Andrea Serratore

Research interests: affinity, avidity, immunofluorescence

Nancy Song.

Nancy Song

Research interests: nucleic acid & drug delivery, immune response, mRNA

Mingxin Yang.

Mingxin Yang

Research interests: depression,PDE2 inhibitors, cognitive impairment