Rho Chi Consultants

The Rho Chi Society is a national pharmacy honor society to promote high scholarship in pharmacy. Rho Chi Consultants provide weekly one-one-one sessions and therapeutics review sessions to help their peers. Students are encouraged to utilize these services to ensure comprehension and improve grades.  

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Register for a Rho Chi Consulting Session

Students are encouraged to schedule their appointment with Rho Chi Consultants through the EAB.

• Reserve a time to meet with a consultant/register for a review session (drop-ins are still welcome)
• When you schedule your meeting, include a note to indicate what you need help with.
• If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so in EAB.
• Zoom meeting URL's are added in EAB and students/consultants will receive this in their email notification/reminders.

Choose one of the following options:

Rho Chi Consulting – Therapeutics Review
Rho Chi Consulting – One-on-one Session

Information for Rho Chi Consultants

Appointment Notifications

Ensure @success.buffalo.edu is not identified as junk so that you can receive email notifications. See https://buffalo.app.box.com/file/794268551052

Set up availability

From the EAB Home Page, click on the My Availability tab. Use the dropdown arrow to select Actions > Add Time.


  • Can be copied or deleted by using the radio buttons then Action dropdown.
  • Can be edited by clicking the Edit link to the right of the availability.

Option on Screen



When are you available to meet?

Select the day(s) that you offer appointments.



Select the time you begin offering appointments. Note: if you select :45, each meeting slot will begin at :45 or :15. Appointments are 30 min. increments.



Select the time you stop offering appointments. If you select 3:00, your last appointment slot will be 2:30. Appointments are 30 min. increments.   

How long is this availability active?

Indicate how long.

Note: if the future term you are looking for is not appearing from the dropdown, click on the term in the upper right corner next to the magnifying glass and proceed on the "My Availability" tab.


What type of availability is this?

Select Appointments. Otherwise, you will get an error: "Select a Purpose."


Care Unit

- Pharmacy Professional Programs (for our graduate/professional students)



- Rho Chi Consulting

You can specify the meeting location in the Special Instructions for Student.



Select the appointment reasons that you offer. Select all that apply.  

Care Unit: Pharmacy Professional Programs (PharmD and PHC Grad)
- One-on-one Session
- Therapeutics Review


Special Instructions for Student

Provide details to the student such as:
- Your actual meeting location.
- Your instructions on how to connect for virtual meetings.
- Items you would like them to bring/have prepared to meet with you.

Will you be meeting with multiple students?

Indicate max number of students per appointment time.


Document Meetings in EAB


  1. From your Staff Home page, click on the Upcoming Appointments tab.
  2. Select the check box of the student(s) you met with (you can do a mass update).  
  3. Click Actions and select Add Appointment Summary. An Appointment Report box will display.
  4. Fill out the Appointment Report. 
  1. From your Staff Home page, use the Quick Search at the top right of the page by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  2. Enter the student’s name, person number or UBITName and click on the student. The student’s profile will display.
  3. To the right, under the Staff Alerts area click on Report on Appointment.
    - If you Report on Appointment and it was a drop-in, a meeting will be added to your Outlook calendar. You can disregard that. The student does NOT get notified.
  4. Fill out the Appointment Report. 
  1. From your Staff Home page, scroll to the Recent Appointments listing (bottom of page).
  2. Select the check box of the student who did not show for their appointment.
  3. Click Actions and select Mark No-Show.
  4. An Appointment Report will display with the Attended box associated with the student name “unchecked.”
  5. You have the ability to add notes.
  6. Click Save this Report.