Peer Mentors

Our Dean’s Student Ambassador Peer Mentors are happy to speak with you about their experience with the application process and what it is like to be a professional/graduate student at UB SPPS. During the fall and spring semesters, they are available in in 270 Kapoor Hall.  

DSA Peer Mentor Availability - Fall 2018 Coming Soon

Our Peer Mentors are on summer vacation. Feel free to email a mentor below (there may be a delay). Fall drop-in hours will be posted in August.

Questions to ask Peer Mentors

Not sure what to ask?  Here are some suggestions for questions:
- How did you get to where you are today?
- What undergraduate classes have you found interesting or useful?
- How is the PCAT? How did you study?
- What do you do in pharmacy school?
- What do you like most about the program and what do you find most challenging?
- What skills do you think are most important for this program and the profession?
- Tell me about your daily schedule.
- How does the course work compare to the undergraduate coursework?
- What special programs are offered by the school (research, collaborative degrees, etc.)?
- Do you belong to any professional organizations?
- What kinds of opportunities for employment are there in the field?
- Can you recommend other people who might be valuable sources of information?
- Are you able to work during the school year?  How many hours per week do you typically work?
- What activities do you do during your spare time?
- Do you miss home?  How often do you go home throughout the school year?
- How is the camaraderie within the school - does everyone get along and help each other?
- What advice can you give to the students who want to be a part of the PharmD program?

DSA Peer Mentor Bios - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Emily Bonacquisti

Emily Bonacquisti, PhD Student, Buffalo, NY
Emily is a Buffalo native and is currently a first semester PhD student in pharmaceutical sciences. She graduated with high honors from the biological sciences department here at UB in the fall of 2017. She will begin her PhD research with the mentorship of Dr. Julian Nguyen, and she hopes to enter the pharmaceutical industry after graduation. Emily is happy to answer questions especially from students with backgrounds that aren’t strictly pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences, or students that need help adapting their study methods to a new academic environment.


David Bussing, PhD Student, Simi Valley, CA
David is in his third year of the PhD program at UB. Originally from Southern California, he graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BS in Pharmacology. Before attending UB, he worked for several years at Allergan, Inc. in Irvine, CA in the pharmacokinetics and translational sciences department. At UB, his research focuses on ocular disease, the pharmacokinetics of biologics in the eye, and the development of antibody drug conjugates. David is happy to answer questions from new graduate students, especially those from out of state.

DSA Peer Mentor Bios - Pharmacy


Renae Gozelski, PharmD Student, Castile, NY
Renae is currently in her second year of pharmacy school at UB! She grew up in a small town near Letchworth State Park and came to Buffalo to complete the  Early Assurance Pharmacy Program. She currently works at Rite Aid as an intern. In school she enjoys participating in the Generation Rx program, a subdivision of the American Pharmacist's Association (APhA). Outside of school, Renae loves riding horses and being outdoors! Feel free to contact her with any questions regarding UB's pharmacy program.


Brenna Gelen, PharmD, Allegany, NY
Brenna is in her first professional year in the PharmD program. She was admitted into the program after completing her undergraduate studies through the 2-Year Early Assurance program at UB. While at school, she works in the microbiome and genome office as a student assistant that reaches out to the community. Brenna is a member of Operation Immunization, which is a subdivision of the American Pharmacist’s Association (APhA). In her spare time, she likes to go to the gym and go on adventures throughout Western NY (canalside, hiking, finding new places to eat). Brenna would be happy to answer any questions you have!