COVID-19 Information for Residents

Impact of COVID-19 on licensure

New York State has postponed the June Part III Pharmacy Licensure Exam until further notice. If you require the Part III exam for licensure (i.e. new graduates), this may impact your ability to get licensed within the first few months of residency training.  New York State allows incoming residents to “waive” the Part III exam via Form 4B (Certification of Completion of Pharmacy Residency Competencies). Please discuss this option with your program director to determine if this is a potential path to licensure. Please note that candidates who previously sat for the Part III exam and did not pass are not eligible for licensure via Form 4B.

Per ASHP Accreditation Standards, residents must complete at least 2/3 of their residency training year as a licensed pharmacist. Per the UB SPPS Residency Handbook, residents therefore must be licensed by October 1 and residents licensed any later than November 1 may be subject to dismissal or extension of their residency training per the 2/3 rule. On May 12, the ASHP Commission on Credentialing notified residency program directors that they have approved an extension of the licensure requirement for residents until January 1, 2021. This is a temporary waiver (for the 2020-21 residency year only) of the requirement that residents be licensed for 2/3 of the residency year. ASHP continues to encourage residents to schedule and take all required licensure exams at the earliest date possible.  

All residents should discuss licensure status with their program director if they have not already done so.