Interview Information for PharmCAS Candidates

In accordance with the American Council for Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) guidelines, acceptance into our PharmD program is contingent upon successful completion of an interview.

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Interview Invitations

Select PharmCAS candidates are invited to attend an interview within 2-4 weeks after being received by UB. Remaining candidates are “on hold” and will be notified no later than mid-August. Candidates are expected to respond within 10 days of the interview offer.  

Students who have an immediate family member* who is an alumnus of our school (PharmD or Pharmaceutical Sciences) are guaranteed an interview by the Admissions Committee. Applicants supply this information on their PharmCAS application and may alert us by emailing

Note: UB Early Assurance students who already passed an interview last year are waived of this PharmCAS interview. If you received this invitation and already passed an interview as an EA student, please contact us.

*Includes a person's parents, spouses, siblings, children. It can contain others connected by birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership, or cohabitation, such as grandparents, great-grandparents, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, aunts, uncles, siblings-in-law, half-siblings, cousins, adopted children and step-parents/step-children, and cohabitating partners.

Purpose of the Interview

It is critical that all students possess the ability to communicate effectively using both the oral and written English language. All PharmD students must be interviewed in accordance with the American Council for Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) Guidelines. The purpose of the interview process is to evaluate verbal communication skills and to determine if the candidate has an understanding of the pharmacy profession and commitment to patient care. Written communication skills will also be assessed in a standardized manner.   

Interview Preparation

  • Research our school and programs by reviewing our website.
  • Work with the career office on their campus for interview preparation. UB students are encouraged to take advantage of our Career Services Interviewing resources.
  • Be prepared to provide complete answers to behavioral interview questions.
  • Chat with current students. You may meet with or email a Peer Mentor.
  • Additional interviewing tips:
    - Be positive: be sure to talk about your strengths
    - Relax: take a few moments to inhale and exhale deeply
    - Greet and smile: introduce yourself and learn the interviewer's name
    - Listen: carefully listen to the questions and information the interviewer gives you
    - Be clear: articulate your thoughts
    - Silence is OK: take a few moments to develop an answer to the question
    - Ask questions: you are interviewing us as well
    - Provide a thorough answer - use the "STAR technique" (situation, task, action, result)

Interview Agenda

Sessions involve a welcome presentation, a short writing sample, a tour of the facilities, a group activity with current students involving patient scenarios and a 1:1 conversation with a UB SPPS faculty member, staff member or alumnus. Occasionally, interviews involve current students and may be 2:1. A light snack is provided.

Parking and Directions

See Parking & Directions.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to campus, taking into account traffic or public transportation delays, parking, directions, weather, and other circumstances. Arrive early and give yourself time to collect your thoughts and feel comfortable in your surroundings. You will need a parking pass (instructions will be in your interview confirmation email).

What to Bring and What to Wear

To participate in the interview process, proof of identification, including picture ID, is required. Pens will be distributed for your writing sample.

Please remember this is a professional event and you should dress and act appropriately. To make a good impression, professional attire is recommended. Here are some general guidelines to consider when planning your outfit: For men, a clean and pressed suit with a tie and button-down shirt is a good choice. Shoes should be clean and wing tip or loafer style. If worn, facial hair should be well-groomed. For women, a clean and pressed skirt or pants suit with a tailored blouse is a good choice. Your skirt should be an appropriate length and cover your thighs when you are seated. Shoes should be clean, comfortable and closed-toe.   


If you are offered an interview date that you cannot make, we would be happy to provide additional options. Interviews typically take place on Fridays once a month from September through March.

Applicants who decide to cancel must do so at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled interview via email or phone. Late cancellations or no-shows will be reported as unprofessional behavior to PharmCAS. Emergency situations are exempt from this policy. In the unusual event that UB decides to close due to inclement weather, we must cancel our interview session. The decision to close can occur that morning.  Information on campus weather alerts and closures can be found on the UB Alert website. In the unlikely event that UB closes or if your travel plans are interrupted, we would invite you to our next scheduled interview session or provide the option to do a Skype interview (typically reserved for students who live in countries 12+ hours away by airplane).